SCOUT: Spurs FPL team analysis for 2020-21

Some tips to spur you on.

Harry Kane is one of our top Spurs FPL players for the 2020-21 season
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Consider which Tottenham Hotspur players could be suitable for your FPL team this season.

As well as budget choices, our scout is investigating all possible selections from each squad in the 2020-21 Fantasy Premier League.

Spurs FPL players

Let’s home in on Tottenham’s FPL team and make some recommendations.

🥅 Goalkeepers

You’d imagine José Mourinho will sort out Tottenham’s defence, but until there are sure signs of it we wouldn’t go near Hugo Lloris at £5.5m.

👬 Defenders

If they’re regular starters, and there’s reason to believe they will be, then Eric Dier and Ben Davies look good bets at £5m apiece.

José Mourinho has a good track record of forging strong defences in his second seasons at clubs – see his spells at Chelsea and Man Utd.

And Tottenham have a number of favourable looking home fixtures early in the season.

🏃 Midfielders

Until such a time as there’s another Dele Alli revival – and he just might, so wait and see – the only game in town here is Son Heung-min.

Instinctively his £9m price feels a little on the cheap side, because when he hits his stride he can score and assist with the best of them.

However, he’s also one of the streakiest players out there – as evidenced by the fact that, for all his ability, he’s never surpassed 180 FPL points for a season.

When he’s gearing up for one of his hot streaks, the signs should be obvious. It might be best to wait until then and keep a free transfer handy just in case.

Steer clear of Lucas Moura and Steven Bergwijn – there’s too much uncertainty around them and too many good options from other teams.

🥳 Forwards

At £10.5m, Harry Kane is the cheapest he’s been in years, a reflection of the relatively low tallies he’s posted in the last couple of seasons due to injuries.

Doubts as to whether he could recapture his explosive goal-scoring under Mourinho were alleviated somewhat with five strikes in the final three matches of 2019-20.

While his price looks like a gift, there are some cracking value-for-money forward options this year – Timo Werner, Danny Ings, Anthony Martial and Raúl Jiménez, for example.

And with funds tight as FPL managers try to squeeze in as many premium midfielders as possible, a £10.5m Kane is a gift horse you might want to look in the mouth.

Early season fixtures look good, though, so he could be a valuable captain option.

And his history of struggling for goals in August is obsolete in these particular circumstances…

Spurs FPL team verdict: top 3 picks

⓷ Eric Dier

⓶ Son Heung-min

⓵ Harry Kane