SCOUT: Man Utd FPL team analysis for 2020-21

Some Red Devils to consider.

Bruno Fernandes is one of the top Man Utd FPL picks for the new season
(Image: Agência Brasília)

Consider which Manchester United players could be suitable for your FPL team this season.

As well as budget choices, our scout is investigating all possible selections from each squad in the 2020-21 Fantasy Premier League.

Man Utd FPL players

Let’s cast a keen eye on Man Utd’s FPL team and make some recommendations.

🥅 Goalkeepers

United will keep their fair share of clean sheets when dominating weak opposition, but their defence doesn’t look strong enough to warrant £5.5m for David de Gea.

Maybe if Dean Henderson comes in and replicates his Sheffield United form… but as things stand, it looks wiser to save your money for elsewhere.

👬 Defenders

It’s been a little surprising not to see £5.5m Harry Maguire score more goals, given the danger he poses from a set piece situation.

The feeling persists that he’s due a run sooner rather than later, especially early in a season before opponents’ defences have settled into a rhythm.

But that feels like a gamble when the similarly priced Aaron Wan-Bissaka ended last season with a number of assists, even almost scoring once or twice.

AWB is probably the Man Utd defender with the highest potential upside, although £5m Luke Shaw could offer similar if he remains fit.

If he doesn’t, then how about £4.5m Brandon Williams?

All in all, it’s probably best to avoid Man Utd defenders for now.

🏃 Midfielders

£10.5m Bruno Fernandes is the obvious choice, and with good reason – he’s been a whirlwind of goals and assists in recent months.

Is he worth the increased price? That comes down to whether United can keep getting so many penalties, and there’s a good chance they can.

They play with fast, skillful attackers who draw fouls in the box, so it’s not just through sheer luck they’ve been getting all those spot kicks.

At £10.5m, Bruno is the cheapest of the premium midfield picks alongside the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and the big hitters from Man City and Liverpool.

He could be a good ‘set and forget’ captain if his form holds up – but it’s hard to ignore the fact that Marcus Rashford is listed as a midfielder now.

His form has not been good since returning from injury, but if he can get back to where he was beforehand then he’d be essential at just £9.5m.

If you’re intent on a United midfielder then perhaps it would be safest to start with Bruno with a view to ‘downgrading’ to Rashford depending on form.

Another recategorised player is £7.5m Mason Greenwood, who could be one of the bargains of the season if he keeps his starting place.

Bear in mind though that he’s young and likely to be managed carefully, especially if United sign Jadon Sancho or someone similar.

He’s still likely to score goals as a substitute, but for now we’d say avoid him – unless United don’t sign anyone in his position, in which case get on him!

A quick note on Paul Pogba who could yet prove influential, but doesn’t look worth £8m of anyone’s money if he’s not on penalties. Avoid.

🥳 Forwards

Only one consideration here, and that’s £9m Anthony Martial – he’s been going form strength to strength, and could easily score 20 goals.

That would certainly make him value for money, even though he’s no longer listed as a midfielder, and he represents a save of £0.5m compared to Chelsea’s Timo Werner.

The short break from the end of last season places more of an emphasis on form than would usually apply at the start of a season.

For this reason, Martial looks like a better pick than Rashford – and a cheaper one too.

However, it’s a question of strategy because you may prefer to spend lightly on your forwards in order to fit in as many premium midfielders as possible.

But don’t ignore the value-for-money potential of (for argument’s sake) a £9m/200-point Martial compared to, say, an £11.5m/230-point Raheem Sterling.

Man Utd FPL team verdict: top 3 picks

⓷ Marcus Rashford

⓶ Anthony Martial

⓵ Bruno Fernandes