SCOUT: Liverpool FPL team analysis for 2020-21

Which Reds offer bang for your buck?

Trent Alexander-Arnold is one of the top Liverpool FPL picks for the 2020-21 season
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Consider which Liverpool players could be suitable for your FPL team this season.

As well as budget choices, our scout is investigating all possible selections from each squad in the 2020-21 Fantasy Premier League.

Liverpool FPL players

Let’s sift through Liverpool’s FPL team and make some recommendations.

🥅 Goalkeepers

Alisson could very well keep enough clean sheets to justify his £6m fee, but your three Liverpool picks are better allotted elsewhere.

Especially when their defenders offer the added bonus of frequent attacking returns.

👬 Defenders

Let’s combine these with the mids, as per the strategy we’re about to outline…

🏃 Midfielders

Going without either Mohamed Salah or Sadio Mané feels counter-intuitive to say the least. You might even want both.

But at £12m apiece, are they really value for money? Taken in isolation, yes – they’ll each score around twenty goals and be among the top points-scorers.

The thing is, they’re not alone in that category for this new season – Kevin de Bruyne, Raheem Sterling, Bruno Fernandes and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang could all yield similar returns.

Choosing from that crop instead will not only save you money (£12m Aubameyang notwithstanding), it also allows you to focus on Liverpool’s formidable defensive roster.

£7.5m Trent Alexander-Arnold, £7m Andrew Robertson and £6.5m Virgil van Dijk have been the top three FPL defenders for two seasons running.

And but for the defensive disruption caused by Alisson’s injury in the first half of last season, they’d probably all have broken the 200-point barrier.

Alexander-Arnold managed to anyway, and there’s little question that – even as the most expensive defender in the game – he still constitutes a bargain.

He’d be a bargain if he were listed as a midfielder, and as a defender he also gets points for clean sheets, which Liverpool keep plenty of.

Robertson and van Dijk both scored over 200 points in 2018-19 and came close last time around (181 and 178 respectively), and that would be a strong tally for a costlier attacker.

For comparison, Salah and Mané managed totals of 233 and 221 in the last campaign, which is excellent but not proportionally better to their values.

There’s a strong case to be made for eschewing them for other premiums and using Liverpool to maximise your defensive output instead.

Alexander-Arnold is essential, no question, and we’d advocate for doubling or even tripling up on Jürgen Klopp’s star defensive assets.

They may be Fantasy Premier League’s costliest defenders, but in terms of Price x Expected Points, they’re arguably the best value for money.

Certainly the most viable way into packing your team with as many 200-point players as possible.

Going for multiples here might feel risky on the basis that one goal conceded = 12 points vanished, but over the course of a whole season it could reap rich rewards.

Purely on an enjoyment basis, it would also remove the added stress of worrying you’ve picked the wrong one out of Salah and Mané.

If you like the idea of ignoring those two but find the multiple defenders strategy too much of a gamble, consider £5.5m duo Jordan Henderson and Naby Keïta.

Both showed signs of increased attacking output as last season wore on, so don’t be surprised to see either emerge as real bargains.

🥳 Forwards

Roberto Firmino is a wonderful footballer and an essential part of a great team, but £9.5m to get him in your FPL team? Not a chance.

Liverpool FPL team verdict: top 3 picks

⓷ Virgil van Dijk

⓶ Andrew Robertson

⓵ Trent Alexander-Arnold