The latest Adam Johnson guilty jokes following verdict

Jury return a verdict of guilty on one count at Bradford Crown Court.

Another round of Adam Johnson guilty jokes was due after the trial verdict was returned
GUILTY (on one count): Johnson (Image: Ben Sutherland)

These are the latest Adam Johnson guilty jokes after the jury in the former Sunderland player’s trial returned the verdict on one count of sexual activity with a girl aged 15.

The ex-England international was found to be guilty of a charge of sexual touching, but not guilty on a charge relating to another sexual act, at Bradford Crown Court on Wednesday.

The judge reportedly warned Johnson that he faces time in jail when he returns for sentencing later this month.

Continuing our in-depth coverage, here are the best of the latest Adam Johnson guilty jokes after the verdicts:

RT "@SkyNewsBreak: Footballer Ched Evans has arrived at scene saying he is a friend of Adam Johnson."

— Cartlon Cole (@_CarltonCole9) March 2, 2016

no adam johnson you’re not playing for my sunday league team when you get released from prison

— Ryan 'RossiHD' Ross (@ROS5IHD) March 2, 2016

Pure Partridge on SSN, signing off their Adam Johnson report with "the next game Adam Johnson plays…could be for a prison team."

— Gilles (@gillesoffthenet) March 2, 2016

Walking into prison like.. https://t.co/fymgyqK1kq

— Sunday League Footy (@SundayChants) 2 March 2016

The future of #AdamJohnson

— Max and Paddy Quotes (@maxandpaddyline) 2 March 2016

@AJInsight save it for the judge

— Kierran ListerPaxton (@KierranLPaxton) 2 March 2016

Breaking: Adam Johnson deletes vile tweet minutes after release, disgusting behaviour. pic.twitter.com/S199No1V3l

— Jay (@WxrdProwse) March 2, 2016

Adam Johnson is likely to do 5 years in prison, lose £15m in wages, and has lost a dream job … All for 3rd base in the back of his car 😪

— Aaron Anthony (@_Aaron_Anthony_) March 2, 2016

Adam Johnson was found guilty for less than this pic.twitter.com/CGHHBc6Gr3

— Banter Gooner (@BaDumTss__) 2 March 2016

Sweating like Adam Johnson at 3:30pm

— Cartlon Cole (@_CarltonCole9) 2 March 2016

City, Arsenal, and Spurs fans, don't worry, the the worst result of the day will still be for Adam Johnson.

— James Martin (@Pundamentalism) March 2, 2016

Adam Johnson must be in a bad place. Mind you, he'll be used to that. He's been at Sunderland for 3 years.

— Gilles (@gillesoffthenet) March 2, 2016

"You've found that picture of Adam Johnson swimming from 2007 you say? Stay with me here, I have an idea" pic.twitter.com/gDvJDe7MHX

— Sam Elliott (@SamElliott_NLP) March 2, 2016

Apparently Adam Johnson is looking at 5-10 years….you would have thought he'd learnt his lesson by now.

— yaya toure (@YayaToure_) 3 March 2016

Wonder did Adam Johnson's daughter go to school today dressed as a character from the book that the judge is about to throw at him?

— McMmns irl rn (@Danny_McMoomins) 3 March 2016