The best Adam Johnson jokes following arrest

In slightly poor taste, all the best jokes after he was arrested on suspicion of having sex with a 15-year-old girl.

The Adam Johnson jokes after his arrest on suspicion of having sex with an under-age girl have been credited with reviving the Twitter football banter, even if they are in poor taste
NOT LOOKING AT TWITTER TONIGHT: Johnson (Image: Roger Goraczniak)

Possibly in slightly bad taste, here are all the best Adam Johnson jokes following the Sunderland player’s arrest on suspicion of having sex with a 15-year-old girl.

Durham Police have confirmed that a 27-year-old has been arrested on suspicion of sexual activity with a girl under 16.

BBC News report that an officer later said he had been bailed.

Sunderland AFC have suspended Johnson pending the outcome of the police investigation.

Currently being credited for reviving Twitter’s football banter, the midfielder seems to have already been convicted by the social network.

Definitely don’t miss this collection of the best Adam Johnson jokes following his arrest:

Adam #Johnson arrested on suspicion of child sexual offences. Interesting as John O'Shea seemed to commit the offence #SAFC

— Scott (@ScottBurn1993) March 2, 2015

BREAKING NEWS. Footballer Paul Gascoigne has arrived at the scene saying he is a close friend of Adam Johnson…

— Pie Sports Booze (@piesportsbooze) March 2, 2015

Adam Johnson walking into the Year 8 disco like https://t.co/VNmiBU93cV

— West Ham Transfers (@westhamtransfer) March 2, 2015

In fairness, it's a mistake anyone could make these days. You think you're sleeping with a footballer and it turns out it's Adam Johnson.

— Rick (@HullCityLive) March 2, 2015

I know Adam Johnson considered himself as an attacking player, but this is too far man

— Ca'rlton (@_CarltonCole9) March 2, 2015

Adam Johnson should've signed for Everton. We were all over Young Boys last week.

— Roberto Martínez (@TheR_Martinez) March 2, 2015

Breaking: New clothing line released by Adam Johnson pic.twitter.com/FzOTBLPAzs

— e (@itsEquinoxx) March 2, 2015

Adam Johnson's having a party, bring your play-doh and ya barbies!

— LÖ (@Invincib7e) March 2, 2015

Adam Johnson – "If you nutmeg me, I'll shag your sister you little prick." pic.twitter.com/hKPpGmLdgN

— kyran (@therandybk) March 2, 2015

Seems like Adam Johnson got more action whilst visiting his local Secondary school than he did during his entire Manchester City Career.

— SundayLeagueHipster (@HipsterManager) March 2, 2015

When Adam #Johnson opened the door to police. https://t.co/hQ3Q93MyxS

— Jordan Wolfe (@JordanWolfeUK) March 2, 2015

What a shock that is, apparently Adam Johnson is an England International

— campbell (@acampbell68) March 2, 2015

Adam Johnson misunderstood the phrase 'If there's grass on the field, play ball' They meant the Football field Adam…

— Footy Memes (@FootyMemes) March 2, 2015

OUCH: Adam Johnson's updated Wikipedia page. pic.twitter.com/dXd3zHL8Qn

— BBC Sporf (@BBCSporf) March 2, 2015

Adam Johnson was impressed… https://t.co/dkAiXCNnX7

— Football Talk (@TransferBibIe) March 2, 2015

Going to watch Sunderland under 10's tonight, some great talent.

— Adam Johnson (@Adam__Johnson) March 2, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Oldham athletic show interest into Adam Johnson following recent stories in the media

— Callum Forbes (@Forbseybbz) March 2, 2015

#Adam Johnson. Major player on the pitch, and a minor player off of it…

— terence hodkinson (@erichoko96) March 2, 2015

@SkyNewsBreak: Footballer Ched Evans has arrived at scene saying he is a friend of Adam Johnson.”

— Ca'rlton (@_CarltonCole9) March 2, 2015

Bae: Cook me dinner Adam Johnson: No. Bae: But I'm 15 & my parents are out! AdamJohnson: pic.twitter.com/syYe4QgSIs

— Funny Tweets (@JokesByScotty) March 2, 2015

"50 Shades Of Adam Johnson" pic.twitter.com/JzeIyLQrT8

— Wicky (@Wicknes007) March 2, 2015

Trying to figure out what was going through Adam Johnson's head when you see his girlfriend Stacey Flounders. pic.twitter.com/DMWDOeixqT

— FootyHumour (@FootyHumour) March 2, 2015

Right now there's a lot of ordinary blokes called Adam Johnson wishing it could have been Sunderland's Charalampos Mavrias

— James Brown (@jamesjamesbrown) March 2, 2015

Adam Johnson heat Map ?????? pic.twitter.com/f2a4BbLcZd

— januzaj (@DARETOADNAN) March 2, 2015

Disgusting from Adam Johnson… https://t.co/xkuQVsnPtH

— Rhys. (@Rhys_AFC_F1) March 2, 2015

Adam Johnson thinking about his local school's girls football team https://t.co/P30v0C55dR

— Callum Waters (@callumw8) March 2, 2015

When you try and scout Adam Johnson on FM15. pic.twitter.com/rAZFctdamF

— West Ham Central (@WestHam_Central) March 2, 2015

Incredible footage of the night Adam Johnson was out https://t.co/1YVL2cM8qU

— Mikey C Racing Tips (@TopTipster36) March 2, 2015

What do you think about underage girls? http://t.co/kOziN9vcNR

— CuntsOfFootball (@CuntsOfFootball) March 2, 2015

Meanwhile in the cells at Sunderland Adam Johnson follows his career down the toilet pic.twitter.com/v174F0mmPj

— Gag Bag!! (@The_GagBag) March 2, 2015

Adam Johnson's Ultimate team leaked pic.twitter.com/h2KgTg8kqq

— Troll Football (@Troll__Football) March 2, 2015

Think everyone needs to give that 15 year old girl from Sunderland in this Adam Johnson case a break, that's someone's mum you know!

— Andy Carroll (@AndyTCarroll_) March 2, 2015

What's in common between Adam Johnson and a tortoise They both get there before the hair

— Gordon Hill (@Only1Raider) March 2, 2015

Starring Adam Johnson pic.twitter.com/FpDtznMcnu

— 9GAG Troll Football (@9trollfootball) March 2, 2015

As soon as I take Adam Johnson out of my fantasy team he goes and scores, typical.

— Jack Downey (@JackDowney19) March 2, 2015

In fairness to Adam Johnson it is hard to tell if someone is 15. https://t.co/0I32bExGgx

— Kick Arse (@kickarseHD) March 2, 2015

Official statement from Adam Johnson regarding paedophile claims.. (Vine by @Gilology) https://t.co/aHw2JHPyXT

— Mitchell Wallington (@TweetManMitch) March 2, 2015