The best McClaren out jokes as Newcastle lose 1-0 at Stoke

Has registered just two away wins since taking over.

He's vowed to stay after Newcastle's -0 defeat to Stoke, but fans were making Steve McClaren out jokes anyway
FAMILIAR FEELING: McClaren (Image: Thomas Rodenbücher)

These are the best McClaren out jokes after Newcastle United were beaten once again, losing 1-0 in Stoke on a cold, wet and windy Wednesday night.

With just two away wins since his arrival at St James’ Park in June, some supporters are questioning the manager’s ability to save their Premier League status despite the club’s recent healthy investment in the playing staff.

Although he believes Newcastle “didn’t deserve that”, there are all these Steve McClaren out jokes after their 1-0 defeat to Stoke:

£80m spent, struggling for goals/quality & McClaren starts this man with Perez, Aarons& Doumbia on bench!⚫️⚪️😑 #NUFC pic.twitter.com/iIlIbQY2qg

— Black&WhiteBarmy (@BlackWhiteBarmy) 2 March 2016

Watching this game.. #NUFC pic.twitter.com/DuvkrrrBbt

— NUFC Chat Uk (@NUFCChatUK) 2 March 2016

There's our title hopes out the window. #nufc

— Toon Photography (@toonphotography) 2 March 2016

McClaren: 'Go out there and prove to me why you should start on Saturday, you've got about 4 minutes.'

— Toon Transfer News (@ToonTransfer) March 2, 2016

When I die, I'll wear my Newcastle shirt so that God knows that I've already been through hell. #NUFC

— Josh. (@joshNUFC_) 2 March 2016

Who would do a better job as #NUFC manager?

RT The Stick

LIKE Steve McClaren pic.twitter.com/7O8uTgBYr9

— NUFC Chat Uk (@NUFCChatUK) 2 March 2016

It's a sad time to be an #NUFC supporter. I am so, so sorry if this is what you're growing up with.

— NUFC 360 (@NUFC360) 2 March 2016

Our last three managers have been –
Nobody deserves to suffer like that.. #NUFC

— Toon Transfer News (@ToonTransfer) 2 March 2016

Bag just split taking the rubbish out. The rubbish spread on the ground had more organization and quality than #nufc tonight. #McClarenOut

— James Howes (@SaucyJackDC) March 2, 2016

POLL: Who has a better chance of keeping us in the league?

Fav for McClaren
RT for McChicken pic.twitter.com/jPRm8PpTD6

— NUFC Online (@NUFC_Online) 2 March 2016

Newcastle are actually going down despite spending £90m on players 😂😂😂😂

— West Ham News (@WHUFC_News) March 2, 2016

@IanDarke St James's Park – the place where managers go to die #NUFC

— SoccerLimey (@SoccerLimey) 3 March 2016

8th place and a trophy were McClaren's guarantees. 18th place and atrophy is the reality #NUFC

— Rt. Rev. Liam Reilly (@LiamJR24) 3 March 2016

Still not sure how Steve McClaren is Newcastle manager. #struggling pic.twitter.com/XCaMIfdA2p

— Dan (@LfcDan) March 2, 2016

Steve McClaren "Stoke had one shot in the 2nd half and scored"

They had 7. Idiot #nufc

— AccuTipster (@Accu_Tipster) March 3, 2016