More Adam Johnson jokes after guilty plea

Appeared at Bradford Crown Court.

There were more Adam Johnson jokes after he pleaded guilty to one count of sexual activity with a child and one charge of grooming at Bradford Crown Court
(Image: Ben Sutherland)

Somewhat inevitably, there have been a whole lot more Adam Johnson jokes after he pleaded guilty to one count of sexual activity with a child and one charge of grooming.

BBC News report that the Sunderland winger also denied two charges of sexual activity with a girl aged under 16 as he appeared at Bradford Crown Court today, before the case is formally opened on Friday.

Judge Jonathan Rose told the jury:

You may see reference to this in the press but it’s the evidence in court that you will gather.

This defendant has already pleaded guilty to two offences, you will hear more about them in detail when Miss Blackwell opens the case to you on Friday.

It will be for you and only you to determine if he is guilty or not guilty.

Shocked by the dramatic events in court, Twitter was full of many more Adam Johnson jokes:

Mate. RT @kanyewest ADAM JOHNSON INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Rhys James (@rhysjamesy) February 10, 2016


— Cartlon Cole (@_CarltonCole9) February 10, 2016

Looks like Adam Johnson's going down twice this season. #safc

— Josh Hampton (@JoshHampton93) February 10, 2016

Adam Johnson not pleading guilty to 2 charges so he isn't in jail during half term next week. Good tactics from the lad

— Cartlon Cole (@_CarltonCole9) February 10, 2016

Adam Johnson will soon be the most notorious right winger in prison since Anders Breivik.

— Tarquin (@FattusAntus) February 10, 2016

Once again it's a sad time to be called Adam johnson

— Adam Johnson (@AdamjohnsonWoo) February 10, 2016

Adam Johnson to sign for Man Utd after hearing they have players who are Young and Keane

— GB (@G_Burton95) February 10, 2016

Number of incidents of contempt on Twitter re: Adam Johnson’s court case currently sitting at ~1,385,869.

— Dän (@LfcDan) February 10, 2016

I respect Adam Johnson for pleading guilty. Might as well go down now instead of going down with Sunderland in a few months.

— Albert (@BaetrandTraore) February 10, 2016

I want someone to stare at me the way Adam Johnson stares at children 😍😍 https://t.co/htkfchpVCJ

— _ (@DeGeaed) February 10, 2016

I wonder who'll go down first: Adam Johnson or Sunderland?

— Richeaux (@0Rico0o) February 10, 2016

"Adam Johnson's career is over"

he plays for sunderland, it was already over

— Patrick (@Carlosophy) February 10, 2016

Adam Johnson has a new Numberplate on his car pic.twitter.com/6BuhAz2kZw

— ⚽⚽Chelsea FC #CFC⚽⚽ (@GarinCFC1905) February 10, 2016

Surely Adam Johnson should only get a yellow for illegally diving inside someone's box

— Simon Dawkins (@simondawkins23) February 10, 2016

Liverpool players singing about Adam Johnson. Scenes 👀😂 pic.twitter.com/IO0xiYK73z

— Sunday League FC (@SundayLeagueFC) February 10, 2016

Can't believe Adam Johnson's legal team went with the [holds up photo of the victim] "Come on, guys. Tell me you wouldn't?" tactic.

— McMmns irl rn (@Danny_McMoomins) February 10, 2016

Sunderland fans are rumoured to be having a minutes clap in honour of Adam Johnson in the 15th minute at the weekend.

— JYJ (@JameswhufcJones) February 10, 2016

Adam Johnson uses a mask as he attempts to disguise himself on the way into court this morning. pic.twitter.com/ruZyJPjWNa

— J.O'B (@chanceig) February 10, 2016

Adam Johnson could become the first footballer ever to be severely reprimanded by his club but not sent to train with the youth team.

— Ray Bradshaw (@comedyray) February 10, 2016

This is Adam Johnson's girlfriend yet he decides to sleep with a 15yo girl.He deserves jail time just for this pic.twitter.com/ljF37QGvNb

— Danny smith… (@doglab) February 10, 2016

Adam Johnson is just a 12 month suspended prison sentence away from joining Chinese Super League side Eyeshag Minors.

— Cheers Geoff (@Cheers_geoff) February 10, 2016

Adam Johnson jokes never get old, just like his girlfriends..

— Arsenal (@ffarsenalfc) February 10, 2016

Announce Adam Johnson @metpoliceuk

— Dan Holloway (@RFCdan) February 10, 2016

Adam Johnson reckons he can sniff out a 15 year old schoolgirl from 20 miles away.

That's nonce sense.


— Adrian (@teandbusquets) February 10, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Following his admission of guilt, Adam Johnson has been sentenced to a three year contract extension with Sunderland.

— Anthony Davison (@AnthonyCDavison) February 10, 2016

Would Adam Johnson's girlfriend still hold his hand at court if he worked a 9-5 shift at Asda…??👀

— Jimmy Hart (@JimmyHart_) February 10, 2016

Adam Johnson's Witnesses Included Billy Jones, Wes Brown and Younès Kaboul, Which Is Why The Defense Failed.

— Thomas Jones (@tomj191) February 10, 2016