The best Adam Johnson sentencing jokes as footballer gets six years

Footballer jailed and 'extreme pornography involving animals' was reportedly found on his laptop.

An artist's impression of a prisoner oultines the Adam Johnson sentencing jokes as the footballer receives six years
JAILED: Johnson

Finally, here are the best of the Adam Johnson sentencing jokes after the footballer was jailed for six years for grooming and sexual activity with a girl aged 15.

It is also now being reported that police found ‘extreme pornography involving animals on Johnson’s laptop’ and ‘medicines in a safe indicating he may have been suffering from sexually transmitted infections’.

Judge Jonathan Rose told the former Sunderland and England winger at Bradford Crown Court on Thursday that he was “trusted by young fans to behave properly” but “she had only just turned 15 when you began grooming her” and the offences were “at a time when you were engaged in frequent sexual intercourse with multiple partners”.

Catering to many a puerile taste, these are the best Adam Johnson sentencing jokes:

Adam Johnson getting sentenced later. Anything over 16 and he'll be disappointed. As usual.

— McMmns irl rn (@Danny_McMoomins) 24 March 2016

What is it with Manchester City products chasing Teenagers?
Adam Johnson
Ched Evans

The list goes on…#Rashford #MUFC

— Billy Meredith (@UrmstonLordMUFC) 24 March 2016

I haven't seen Adam Johnson run that fast since he saw there was a sale on at Mothercare https://t.co/K6olPbFS6L

— Dan Holloway (@RFCdan) 24 March 2016

From 100k a week to canteen once a week. Adam Johnson has fallen further than Ndubz

— #BWIGM (@JamzLdn) 24 March 2016

BREAKING NEWS…..Judge sentences Adam Johnson to three years playing with Aston Villa…..

— luke rigby (@Luke_A_Rigby) 24 March 2016

Gazza's turned up with a chicken and a fishing rod. Sentencing of Adam Johnson delayed.

— Marrin (@lrmarrin) 24 March 2016

By the time the judge gives Adam Johnson his sentence the lass would be legal

— Georgia G (@geogoldsmith) 24 March 2016

What do Adam Johnson and a tortoise have in common?

They both get there before the hair.

— The Football Feed (@TheFutbolFeed) 24 March 2016

Adam Johnson jailed for 6 years, least hell be out for that wee burds 21st Birthday

— Lee Coia (@leecoia) 24 March 2016

Man said Adam Johnson will be back before Jack Wilshere. pic.twitter.com/6KPYPA7bo2

— No (@Nigerianscamsss) 24 March 2016

Adam Johnson's first few weeks in prison pic.twitter.com/wqFYNoeg3u

— James Tambinho (@Zenit_geezer) 24 March 2016

Adam Johnson should've got 6 years for this text alone. pic.twitter.com/5NAApYCBlv

— John Pierson (@JohnPiersonPT) 24 March 2016

Adam Johnson has completed his Transfer to HMP Durham from Sunderland on a 6 year deal pic.twitter.com/f9yyvd7vfE

— Uber Football Facts (@UberFootbalI) 24 March 2016

Adam Johnson given 6 years, if he gets out in 3 on good behaviour he'll be able to go to her 18th and goose her properly.

— Josh Woogs (@JoshWoogs) 24 March 2016

Adam Johnson has gone from 100k a week to haggling to swap a lynx shower gel for a pack of digestive biscuits with big Phil from wythenshaw

— Rilooo (@rilomorgan91) 24 March 2016

Adam Johnson went from match of the day to Jerome's prey in a couple months, mad

— ? (@ffsbruv) 24 March 2016

The moment you realise Adam Johnson will spend 6 years of his career in jail & still win more PL titles than Gerrard pic.twitter.com/Nu5PnQWNrV

— Mr Overlooked (@Mr_Overlooked) 24 March 2016

Adam Johnson will
-Go to jail
-Get released
-Give his life to God

And arsenal would still not have lifted the UEFA Champions league trophy

— KVNG (@PRINCE_VIII) 24 March 2016

Adam Johnson's favourite magazine was Zoo, pass it on

— Dan (@DanWrexham) 24 March 2016

Adam Johnson: send nudes Dog: Adam I'm a dog I can't use a phone I don't have opposable thumbs

— James (@JamesDolan_) 24 March 2016

Bae: come over

Adam Johnson: I'm busy

Bae: I'm off my period

Adam Johnson: I said I'm busy pic.twitter.com/AoSSnaDgYk

— Scampi (@ImScampi) 24 March 2016

I'll never defend Adam Johnson but let's be honest if that video of the horse piping a woman is illegal we would've all gone jail in school

— #BWIGM (@JamzLdn) 24 March 2016

Someone needs to tell Adam Johnson just because he plays for the black cats doesn't mean he can watch them shagging

— Jack 'Pie' McDermott (@the_pieface) 24 March 2016

Here…… what's this?


Adam Johnson's hard drive #SAFC #NUFC

— Chris (@Bettsy1Chris) 24 March 2016

The Adam Johnson name has good days, and some bad days. Today was the latter. pic.twitter.com/JL7LsSiGV0

— Adam H. Johnson (@adamjohnsonNYC) 24 March 2016

Katie Hopkins is already 1,000-words in to her Mail column about how the animals on Adam Johnson's laptop knew exactly what they were doing.

— Raj Bains (@BainsXIII) 24 March 2016

Adam Johnson stripped of his England caps, his shirt, his trousers, jacket, pants and socks before a prison medical later

— Football Burp (@FootballBurp) March 24, 2016

I now just punch guys who talk about Adam Johnson as if the CHILD was the guilty party.


— Walter Thunderflask (@Thunderflask) 24 March 2016

This is AdamJohnson
Adam Johnson is a paedophile
Adam johnson earns 100k a week
Now Adam earns 1 meal a day
Don't be like Adam johnson

— Offensive Asshole (@TCastolo) 24 March 2016

The Adam Johnson apologists certainly are tenacious. "But he dropped a nuclear bomb on an orphanage!" "Hmm – how was the orphanage dressed?"

— Jason (@NickMotown) 24 March 2016

So, Adam Johnson will wear Newcastle colours for the next 6 years. #Tyneside #Prison

— Liverpool FC 360 (@LFC_360) 24 March 2016

@BBCSport another who definitely won't play is Adam Johnson…..

— Darren Foster (@Dazfoz) 24 March 2016

@MCFC if I were you lads I'd just delete all your Adam Johnson tweets now and save yersen the hassle

— Utter Fiend (@Silverman1993) 24 March 2016

Just realised George Osborne looks like future Adam Johnson trying to forget where it all went wrong. pic.twitter.com/CU2HViSKWu

— Jim Daly (@jimdalycomedy) March 24, 2016

One photographer was relying on a final Adam Johnson picture to pay his mortgage this month… pic.twitter.com/ZhfqY4FZ7S

— From The Stands (@FromTStands) March 24, 2016

Another dog has come forward to speak out against Adam Johnson.#OperationPedigree pic.twitter.com/JWHlaPvSkp

— NUFC Leazes (@NUFC_Leazes) March 24, 2016

So Adam Johnson was addicted to new types of sexual experience. Could be bang in luck tonight.

— Richard Hardy (@richyhardy) March 24, 2016

What's 22 stone and rides a Derby winner ………….Adam Johnson's cell mate 😂😂😂

— ♖⚒webbywestham1⚒♖ (@webbywestham1) March 24, 2016

Adam Johnson trying to talk to birds again when he gets out of prison https://t.co/yqs6UyeZUh

— (Damn) Daniel (@RFCdan) March 24, 2016