Even more jokes as Adam Johnson trial continues

Details of alleged relationship with 15-year-old girl heard in court.

There are even more jokes as the Adam Johnson trial continues
(Image: Roger Gorączniak)

As the Adam Johnson trial continues, the jokes keep coming and these are the latest.

Further details of the former Sunderland player’s alleged relationship with a 15-year-old girl were heard by the court on Friday.

And Twitter heard a bunch more jokes as the Adam Johnson trial continued:

58. Adam Johnson is stripped and ready to join the action.

— Manchester City FC (@MCFC) October 29, 2011

Fantasy Football doesn't seem too optimistic about Adam Johnson's future: pic.twitter.com/tkfEeZUCp8

— 888sport (@888sport) February 12, 2016

Apparently Adam Johnson believes it was a 'schoolboy error', unfortunately for him he is a 28 year old man.

— J.O'B (@chanceig) February 12, 2016

It's hard to tell who the 15 year old is with these Adam Johnson text exchanges

— Markus (@MarkusSafc) February 12, 2016

Adam Johnson is the type of dude to send "without me? ;)" when a girl tells him she's in bed or in the shower

— Niall (@NiallBowes) February 12, 2016

Delph's out for 6-7 weeks? That midfield on Sunday could have more LOLs than an Adam Johnson text message to an underage girl.

— Macca (@The_Paris_Angel) February 12, 2016

Why does Adam Johnson text like a horny 13 year old boy

— Katie (@KatieWatererx) February 12, 2016

adam johnson fully seems like the type of wasteman to use 🙊 & 👀 excessively and send "what if I was there 😉" texts

— Sarah (@HeySar4h) February 12, 2016

How many editions of Top Of The Pops did Adam Johnson present?

— Andy Dawson (@profanityswan) February 12, 2016

Adam Johnson's misses got cheated on with a girl who doesn't know that Lennie dies 😭😭

— DO4 (@1Dom_) February 12, 2016

I bet even Adam Johnson's bird can't believe Klopp has stuck by Mignolet

— Gary Bennett (@GARYBENNETT79) February 12, 2016

Adam Johnson: Whats your name?

Girl: Im 14.

Adam Johnson: 14, thats a nice name.. pic.twitter.com/yqE5dT9ilS

— Muhsin (@MuhsinHayat) February 12, 2016

Adam Johnson sat on Man City's bench for 2 years but couldn't wait 10 months for a girl to turn 16.

— KP (@KPGambler) February 12, 2016

@EASPORTSFIFA Adam Johnson stamina downgraded to 10??

— LewisElliot (@LewisElli0t) February 12, 2016

At what point did Adam Johnson's lass ask him why he kept coming home with a bag of Prawn Crackers?

— Gav (@GavSno) February 12, 2016

I swear only Harvey Spector & Mike Ross can stop Adam Johnson from going jail

— Made❄ (@MadeManJama) February 12, 2016

Just overheard 3 boys talking about Adam Johnson sleeping with a 15 year old. pic.twitter.com/6D5KKyDJWv

— JaackMaate (@Jaack) February 12, 2016

Adam Johnson made it seem so easy ffs… pic.twitter.com/aXhOw8k40i

— ShaneLong_fan (@WxrdProwse) February 12, 2016