The best England jokes as they exit Euro 2016 with 1-2 Iceland defeat

Unexpected, dismal defeat to international minnows brings more misery.

These fans will be too depressed to read the best England jokes after they were knocked out of Euro 2016 with a 1-2 defeat to Iceland
IN NEED OF COMFORT: England fans (Image: YouTube/TheDisarrayGun)

These are all the best England jokes after the unexpected, dismal 1-2 defeat to Iceland that knocked the national side out of Euro 2016 in the round of sixteen.

A nation looking for something to cling on to, following the recent EU referendum result and subsequent political turmoil at home, were left disappointed as the side found themselves unable to fight back from a losing first-half position against the islanders.

Manager Roy Hodgson resigned not long after the final whistle… he probably won’t want to look at the England jokes after their 1-2 loss against Iceland and Euro 2016 exit:

Did we hear that right? Apparently, it's 2 for 1 at @IcelandFoods #ENGICE

— MBNA (@mbna) June 27, 2016

*Pulls shutters down* #ENGICE

— Iceland Foods (@IcelandFoods) June 27, 2016

England vs. Iceland. #EURO2016 #ENGICE pic.twitter.com/we8isSB3nO

— Vili Niemelä (@vvvili) June 27, 2016

Checks for Welsh heritage #ENGICE

— Kellie Dawson (@BigFashionista) June 27, 2016

England would struggle to beat Aldi, never mind Iceland #ENGICE

— graeme white (@graeme74dj) June 27, 2016

Andy Burnham has declined to call for Hodgson's replacement #ENGICE

— Rupert Myers (@RupertMyers) June 27, 2016

I'm African anyways, God save our goats #ENGICE

— Made (@MadeManJama) June 27, 2016

Cahill's balls are going further than I ever will #ENGICE

— Harry Seaton (@harryseaton) June 27, 2016

Glenn Hoddle is desperately trying to work out what our entire team did wrong in a previous life #ENGICE

— Jeremy Vine (@theJeremyVine) June 27, 2016

I think we may need this guy #ENGICE pic.twitter.com/Q0ylKpFFNj

— ?Mo Sohail YNWA? (@1980Sohail) June 27, 2016

We're losing to a nation that believes trolls live under bridges. #ENGICE

— sean thomas knox (@thomasknox) June 27, 2016

Singing God Save The Queen might have worked at Agincourt, but not here guys.#ENGICE

— Bjorn Guffersson (@gavmacn) June 27, 2016

Thank God we rested those players. They look so refreshed #ENGICE

— James longman (@longers1) June 27, 2016

winter (break debate) is coming

— Raphael Honigstein (@honigstein) 27 June 2016

Looks like the Vikings are covering all the Angles.#ENGICE #TryTheLutefisk

— TED (@EpicureanDeal) June 27, 2016

Great analysis overheard at #ENGICE: "Those c*nts live in f*cking igloos and we're still losing to those w*ankers." ??

— Jack Moore (@JFXM) June 27, 2016

we're literally losing to 11 geysers #ENGICE

— HannaH (@rustyspanner) June 27, 2016

Raheem Sterling playing like… #ENGICE pic.twitter.com/UmvgVZREVB

— Tom Green (@thisistomgreen) June 27, 2016

Have the Shadow First Team resigned yet? #ENGICE

— Sally Ann Matthews (@SallyAnMatthews) June 27, 2016

My carefully considered half-time team talk would be along these lines………#ENGICE pic.twitter.com/JOdpfsfpl7

— Steve Kilner (@1StevieKilner) June 27, 2016

I for one welcome our new Wildling overlords. #ENGICE

— Chris Taylor (@FutureBoy) June 27, 2016

tonight's TV listings:
Season finale Game of Thrones
Season finale England football
Season finale Labour Party
Season finale Great Britain

— Laura Pearce (@Madame_LazPagz) 27 June 2016

I think they're taking revenge for having their name attached to this monstrosity #ENGICE pic.twitter.com/vT4UOBGwCM

— desmarkie (@desmarkie) June 27, 2016

Oh bloody hell, they play cricket as well pic.twitter.com/u5NjfGXVOm

— Matt Barker (@matthew_barker) June 27, 2016

When you spot yourself on the big screen and want people to think you've got a plan… pic.twitter.com/YLX3Mf6kB0

— Danny Blood (@dannyswfc) June 27, 2016

We've been beaten by a country so small, there's an app to make sure you aren't dating within your family. #ENGICE

— (((Riley Junior))) (@RileyJr_) June 27, 2016

Look forward to buying the kit for £5 in Sports Direct in the morning… #ENGICE

— Brad (@MrBradPreston) June 27, 2016

some plastic chairs are going to get it tonight #ENGICE

— Rick Edwards (@rickedwards1) June 27, 2016

Knocked out by a fecking supermarket 😂#ENGICE

— Willie Mullins (@WilliePMullins) June 27, 2016

Unexpected result in the bagging area…

— Iceland Foods (@IcelandFoods) June 27, 2016

Scotland are suddenly having a belter of a week. #ENGICE

— SimonNRicketts (@SimonNRicketts) June 27, 2016

Meanwhile in the Iceland dressing room the manager is saying "calm down lads, it was only England" #ENGICE

— Kevin Hunter Day (@kevinhunterday) June 27, 2016

So depressed I don't even want to switch on @BabestationTV for a wank.#ENGICE

— Speedoman (@Sheppyuk) June 27, 2016

#ENGICE Woy has Wesigned

— Emily Cooper (@emilyycooper21) June 27, 2016

Literally everyone in England has resigned this week.

— Jamie Ross (@JamieRoss7) 27 June 2016

These three lions played better than we did!!! #ENGICE https://t.co/Oa9F2D4LGX

— Andy Riley (@Andyriley88) June 27, 2016

Iceland 2 Poundland 1 #England

— Tim Cresswell (@CresswellTim) 27 June 2016

England's manager was paid £3.5 million a year.

Iceland's manager is a part-time dentist. pic.twitter.com/ktvRxac4Gk

— CleverBetsTips.com (@CleverBets) 27 June 2016

Can anyone see England in the quarter final line-up? pic.twitter.com/VVIfN9olxm

— Richard Purton (@RichWXM) 27 June 2016

I feel a right mug
I bought a thousand England France fridge magnets

— simon day (@simonday24) 27 June 2016

Id like to officially announce my retirement from watching England.

— Roman Kemp (@romankemp) 27 June 2016

This is your fault @England pic.twitter.com/4dvv7FjFGh

— . (@BasedGodNorthy) 27 June 2016

The fans at Luton airport wait for the arrival of the England team! pic.twitter.com/K8BaQrOwkX

— geoff swain (@golfunplugged) 27 June 2016

We'd like to thank England for their efforts tonight to promote Non-League Football. It's very much appreciated.

— Stourbridge FC (@StourbridgeFC) 27 June 2016

went out for a walk to calm down and ended up punched a fox, you're ruining my life @England

— SG (@PeleWasAFraud) 27 June 2016

England getting knocked out of EURO 2016 by ICELAND is even better with the titanic music… pic.twitter.com/1IngEEB5Ut

— Titanic Goals (@TitanicGoal) 27 June 2016

Shane Meadows might want to skip 'This is England 2016'.

— Jane O (@janethejourno) 27 June 2016

Man said England are losing to snow men😂

— Hamdi from the ⁶ (@viewsfrom9) 27 June 2016

Bale carrying Wales.

Griezmann carrying France.

British Airways carrying England. pic.twitter.com/Wm0Q3S9aSY

— BenchWarmers (@BeWarmers) 27 June 2016

Flood warnings all over Europe as everyone pisses themselves laughing at England…

— BenchWarmers (@BeWarmers) 27 June 2016

@Baddiel You do realise that if the England players had to clap they'd miss

— Take It Or Leave It (@taitorleit) 27 June 2016

England's new national anthem gives me goosebumps. pic.twitter.com/cixWpgL3GU

— Mike Sanz (@mikesanz19) 27 June 2016

Being told this is the worst defeat England has suffered at the hands of Viking descendants since 1066.

— Paul Campbell (@77PGC) 27 June 2016

England has fallen apart. pic.twitter.com/OExpmkmbTj

— Joe Cox (@JosephCox) 27 June 2016

when England let you down twice in one year https://t.co/kjeP4ZA5Jo

— bruce (@bbmmnnnn) 27 June 2016

What's the difference between O J Simpson and England?

O J Simpson had a more credible defence

— Yamimash (@Yamimash) 27 June 2016

I'd fit into the England squad coz I'm an embarrassment to everyone I know

— Zaneee (@ZaneElmasri) 27 June 2016

Well it turns out for the England fans there is a god. Problem is he is called Thor.

— Calum Davidson (@ccgdavidson) 27 June 2016

imagine being from england LMFAO

— Tom (@AhhTommyy) 27 June 2016

I was going to take my England top on holiday but I think I will wear a dress instead as it will be less embarrassing

— jim trigg (@jimtrigg) 27 June 2016

The England game and the Titanic is even better without the music 👌👌👌👌👌👌 pic.twitter.com/5eHc5frh7c

— Jackson (@Jackson_SCFC) 27 June 2016