The best jokes as England get Iceland in round of 16 after their last-minute winner

Icelanders finish second in group after very late win against Austria.

There are jokes as England get Iceland in the Euro 2016 round of 16 after their last minute winner in their final group game
PLAYING ENGLAND: Iceland (Image: Andreas Tille)

These were the best jokes after the very late confirmation that England would face Iceland as both teams progress to the knockout stage of Euro 2016 following Arnór Ingvi Traustason’s 94th minute strike in their final group game.

Roy Hodgson’s side were all set to play Portugal on Monday before the goal that saw the Icelanders leapfrog Cristiano Ronaldo’s team and finish second in Group F.

These are the best jokes as England get Iceland in the round of 16 at Euro 2016 after their last-minute group stage win against Austria:

Get in Iceland*

*until they beat us Monday

— Jonny Andrews (@jonny18andrews) June 22, 2016


— Ben Massey (@Lord_Bob) June 22, 2016

Ice Ice (Land), Baby!

— The Daily Norseman (@DailyNorseman) June 22, 2016

Five full days of Mum's Gone to Iceland jokes. bring it on.

— Tom Peck (@tompeck) June 22, 2016


— Anthony Richardson (@AmhRichardson) June 22, 2016

The Icelandic commentary on #ISL's winning goal is incredible 😂pic.twitter.com/4VWPIj5wCw

— Telegraph Football (@TeleFootball) 22 June 2016

Iceland are powered by Peter Andre’s love of feeding chicken nuggets to his kids.

— hollywood sadcore (@FluffCustard) June 22, 2016

England will now face Iceland in the Round of 16. That sensation you're experiencing is hope. Ignore it.

— Back of the Net (@Back_of_the_Net) June 22, 2016

Off to buy a ready meal for £1 now in celebration. I bloody love Iceland.

— Ben Wills (@_BenWills) June 22, 2016

2010 – This is Iceland's biggest moment in European football since their volcano stopped Blackburn signing Robert Lewandowski in 2010. Ash.

— OptaJoke (@OptaJoke) June 22, 2016

Oh. My. Days. The plucky underdogs are in the second round. And now they'll face #ISL for a place in the quarter-finals

— sportingintelligence (@sportingintel) 22 June 2016

Don't mention the Cod War. I mentioned it a minute ago but I think I got away with it. #England #Iceland

— Eddie Fremantle (@eddietheshoe) June 22, 2016

Iceland goes through, and the crowd erupts…

Delaying flights across Europe for the foreseeable future.

— simon evans (@TheSimonEvans) June 22, 2016

Iceland's greatest patron, Kerry Katona, is rumoured to have delivered a rousing team talk at half-time #Iceland #Euro16

— Ciarán Lenehan (@CiaranLen) June 22, 2016

Iceland > Leicester.

— Lucas Resende (@lucasammr) June 22, 2016

The manager at my local branch of Iceland says he's boarding up the windows of his shop next Monday just in case… pic.twitter.com/A33ztx6pr6

— Mark Worrall (@gate17marco) June 22, 2016

'To many f*cking changes they said. Well now we play #Isl. Come on boys. Let's go for a walk.'https://t.co/rzfg3B9diE

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) 22 June 2016

*Learns 8% of Iceland's population is in France for the Euro*
*Goes to Iceland to rob all the houses*

– Criminals, probably

— The St. Louisan (@thestlouisan) June 22, 2016

England against Iceland… pic.twitter.com/niw8Lf3aIO

— Nooruddean (@BeardedGenius) June 22, 2016

So, all those offerings to Odin paid off. We'll get ready for Monday #iceland

— Scandinavian Kitchen (@Scanditwitchen) June 22, 2016

The "who has the best tasting ice around here?" question wasn't as funny to the locals as it was to me. #Iceland

— Bobby Bones (@mrBobbyBones) June 22, 2016

Populations for scale

Iceland: 330,000
Croydon: 364,000#ENG #ISL

— Complex UK (@complex_uk) June 22, 2016

Iceland have done amazingly well considering their size. Only a 1.8% share of the UK food market.

— Niall (@NiallFH) June 22, 2016

The Iceland goal is even more beautiful with the Titanic music over it pic.twitter.com/8dfd27fWaL

— J A C K (@Jack_MKD) June 22, 2016

Back at the England camp, Tom Heaton has just cracked a joke about Iceland being a supermarket. None of the other players know who he is.

— GeorgeWeahsCousin (@WeahsCousin) June 22, 2016

"Tiny, unfancied country make it through to next round to face Iceland"

— Robin Flavell (@RobinFlavell) June 22, 2016

In Iceland “if 5 people sit at a bar, at least 1 of them knows someone in the national football team” – Wall Street Journal.

— Sportive23 (@Sportive23_) June 22, 2016

Already looking forward to the "Hand of Cod" headlines when Iceland get a controversial late winner.

— Andy Ha (@_AndyHa) June 22, 2016

If we don't beat Iceland, I'm not shopping there until the 2020 Euro's start.

— Tim Bolton (@timbolton1) June 22, 2016

So, England play Iceland, NI play Wales, Ireland play France and Scotland play Everybody Hurts by REM.

— Toby Fair (@TopTopPundit) June 22, 2016