The best Euro 2016 Brexit jokes as Iceland knock England out of the tournament

England exit tournament following the recent EU referendum with feelings still raw.

There were many Euro 2016 Brexit jokes after England 1-2 Iceland

So soon after the UK’s referendum on whether to leave the European Union, these are the best of the inevitable Euro 2016 Brexit jokes as England lose 1-2 to Iceland and exit the tournament.

As England leave the European competition, much like Britain is set to leave the EU, there were more than enough people pointing out this fact on Twitter.

So here are the best of the Euro 2016 Brexit jokes as Iceland knock England out of the tournament shortly after the EU referendum:

This isn't the result we want… #ENGICE pic.twitter.com/cGlW1MHKDf

— TheLADbible (@TheLadBible) June 27, 2016

#Sterling down. #ENGICE

— Pedro da Costa (@pdacosta) June 27, 2016

Hodgson, the only man in England with a coherent plan for leaving Europe.

— Christian Bennett (@christianobeno) June 27, 2016

We've been going it alone for four days and already we've been raided twice by Vikings. #ENGICE

— Jack Parsons (@JParsons87) June 27, 2016

Sitting in a bar in France. The French are shouting 'Brexit!' every time Iceland score and laughing. #ENGICE

— Nellywoofer (@Nothingtoseeher) June 27, 2016

This game has 52-48 written all over it #ENGICE

— Stephen Naylor (@stephennaylor) June 27, 2016

And there's still the postal goals to be included. #ENGICE

— Daniel Maier (@danielmaier) June 27, 2016

Just to remind you once again: even if England lose we don't go out of the tournament until we invoke Article 50. #ENGICE #EURO2016

— David Schneider (@davidschneider) June 27, 2016

If it stays like this, we’ll be the laughing stock of Eu…oh wait #ENGICE

— Pete Paphides (@petepaphides) June 27, 2016

At least they haven't promised anything here….#ENGICE pic.twitter.com/AYyw3mwfhk

— Cupie Doll (@cupie_doll) June 27, 2016

Yeah, but we can just paint 1-0 on the side of the bus and stick our fingers in our ears when people question it later. #ENGICE

— Richard James (@richjamesuk) June 27, 2016

#ENG  fans:

4 mins: We're gonna win the euros.
5 mins: We're gonna lose this match.
20 mins: We need a referendum. #ENGICE

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) June 27, 2016

David Cameron did not die for this #ENGICE

— Football Burp (@FootballBurp) June 27, 2016

England are really Brexiting this up #ENGICE

— Rupert Myers (@RupertMyers) June 27, 2016

Angela Merkel reacts to the half time score #ENGICE pic.twitter.com/NMc5DjMip3

— Ben (@0point5twins) June 27, 2016

Weird international market reaction during #ENGICE. pic.twitter.com/RGgxp1qH6E

— Jamie Ross (@JamieRoss7) June 27, 2016

Hodgson understood to have commenced informal discussions to leave without triggering Article 50 #ENGICE

— Rupert Myers (@RupertMyers) June 27, 2016

Only England could manage to exit Europe twice in one week #ENGICE #EURO2016

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) June 27, 2016

Brexiteers: this is what you voted for #ENGICE

— Theo Bertram (@theobertram) June 27, 2016

I haven't been this embarrassed to be English since…. well, since Friday morning. #ENGICE

— Tim Simmonds (@tsimmonds) June 27, 2016

England team now feel they were misled about consequences of letting goals in, didn't think other team would actually win

— Adam Banks (@adambanksdotcom) 27 June 2016

I guess the 350M/week for the NHS will be used for the antidepressants ? #ENGICE

— Sylvain Deville (@DevilleSy) June 27, 2016

We're just letting Iceland win so they'll trade with us right? #ENGICE

— Catrin Nye (@CatrinNye) June 27, 2016

Boris has just announced we are three nil up. Relax. #itsok #ENGICE

— Stephen Sheldon (@Stephen_Sheldon) June 27, 2016

Busy week at job centre #ENGICE #EUref pic.twitter.com/eoGSk5oQth

— KH (@kieran_hughes22) June 27, 2016

The Remain campaign warned us there'd be job losses… #ENGICE

— Daily Mail Comments (@BestoftheMail) June 27, 2016

Don't panic folks with £350 million a week… We can buy ourselves a proper football team! #eng #engice

— Tony Dibbin (@tonydibbin) June 27, 2016

Leave the EU they said. We can be like Iceland they said. #engice

— Alex Andreou (@sturdyAlex) June 27, 2016

To be fair, it would have been quite an embarrassing year to win the #euros.. #ENGICE

— emily m (@maitlis) June 27, 2016

Couldn't happen to a nicer, more welcoming country #ENGICE

— Balti Pie (@BaltiPie1) June 27, 2016

I for one expect the English football team to thrive outside the regulatory constraints of this tournament. #ENGICE

— Greg Ó Ceallaigh (@gregoceallaigh) June 27, 2016

Still not the most embarrassing thing we've done this week. #ENGICE

— Luke Beardsworth (@LukeBeardsworth) June 27, 2016

The Three Lions just applied for Irish passports…. #ENGICE

— Lise Hand (@liseinthecity) June 27, 2016

#ENGICE we have now taken back control of our football…🙄

— Ian Mountain (@IanMountain06) June 27, 2016

I'll go first, and you can follow me a few days later #ENGICE pic.twitter.com/nYrvSXazZP

— Richard Searle (@RichardSearle) June 27, 2016

Yous can't blame Muslims for this 😅#ENGICE

— Dexy (@dextabrown) June 27, 2016

Roy Hodgson has now invoked Article 50. #ENGICE

— Des Clarke (@des_clarke) June 27, 2016

If bad things really happen in threes, England is totally fuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked

— CJ Fogler (@cjzero) 27 June 2016

Just spotted the new England bus… pic.twitter.com/JpKdO9oiL1

— Alex Blaney (@hitono) 27 June 2016

I'm glad we're out of the EU because, without the safety regulations, burning my England shirt is gonna be a lot easier

— Vinay Patel (@VinayPatel) 27 June 2016

Please please more "2 England Euro exits in a week" jokes.

— 1980s Football (@FootballInT80s) 27 June 2016

Heard yer Da got a new England shirt pic.twitter.com/YtdIwVVC5n

— Toure Facts (@ToureFacts) 27 June 2016

This week we've learnt England's pull out game is strong

— MATTHEW (@mattwillsmusic) 27 June 2016

England fans cry conspiracy after hearing that the referee used a pencil.

— Ben (@Rhedegiparis) 27 June 2016

On the plus side, last Tuesday I put a £100 bet on England to win tonight, so I've only lost the equivalent of £3.80.

— James Martin (@Pundamentalism) 27 June 2016

Standard & poor just downgraded England to two lions

— Paul lyons (@plyons45) 27 June 2016

Google Search in England trending "what is Euro Cup"

— RMadridGirl (@RMadridGirl) 27 June 2016