The best Joe Hart jokes as he takes the blame for Iceland’s second goal

Some say the goalkeeper should have done better.

As England are knocked out of Euro 2016, it's probably best he doesn't look at the Joe Hart jokes following Iceland's second goal against England
GOT SOME EXPLAINING TO DO: Hart (Image: YouTube/Ratu Li)

And here are the best of the Joe Hart jokes after England 1-2 Iceland, as the goalkeeper is deemed to be at fault for the second goal his side conceded.

England were knocked out of Euro 2016 of Monday night and the fans are not best pleased with the shot-stopper.

These are the best of the Joe Hart jokes following Iceland’s second goal in their 1-2 defeat of England:


— YB (@YankBoogie) 27 June 2016

Ryvita wrists strikes again #ENGICE

— Fudge (@Danfudge) June 27, 2016

Joe Hart should just leave the EU as well #ENGICE

— The weekday (@behlul_official) June 27, 2016

Joe Hart go home

— Nic (@LiverpoolNicola) 27 June 2016

What's happened to Joe Hart's wrists? Get the man some milk. #ENGICE

— Sam Hodges (@SamHodges) June 27, 2016

feel for Hart's missus with fingers that weak… #ENGICE

— Nicole (@UnitedSheStands) June 27, 2016

What's joe harts address

— Knighty (@LeonKnight_) June 27, 2016


— Mark Stinton (@MarkStinton) 27 June 2016

Iceland are taking away Joe Hart's triple a rating.

— Jarrod Kimber (@ajarrodkimber) 27 June 2016

Send Joe Hart to prison

— Chippolatte (@TheBurntChip) 27 June 2016

@Behzinga Joe Hart might save me if I jump… oh wait…

— Ethan Payne (@Behzinga) 27 June 2016

Get Joe Hart off and get my Gran on #ENGICE

— richard. (@richtard) June 27, 2016

Joe Hart in goal like… #ENGICE pic.twitter.com/HMESbKzuAx

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) June 27, 2016

Joe Hart, depressed at conceding another easy goal, throws himself in front of a bus but it passes under his body. #ENGICE

— Ian Duhig (@ianduhig) June 27, 2016

Referendum to overturn that 2nd goal decision
Sign here: https://t.co/5jIbpFCOgD#ENG #ENGICE

— Daniel Holloway (@RFCdan) June 27, 2016

I don't get how Joe Hart can make so many mistakes when he sings the anthem with such passion

— Ed Malyon (@eaamalyon) June 27, 2016

Joe Hart's market value since kick off #ENGICE #ENG pic.twitter.com/Eb1zgAUVlg

— Jamie Blakeman (@jamie_blakeman) June 27, 2016

Joe Hart you absolute cat flap couldn't stop a bus #ENGICE

— Tysons daddy (@Big_John_Fury) June 27, 2016

If Joe Hart was a cricketer he'd be doing fine leg both ends #ENGICE

— Smelly Sledges (@SmellySledges) June 27, 2016

Joe Hart pic.twitter.com/q2a0q5rxAn

— Lara © (@laazarini7) 27 June 2016

Joe Hart could not keep chickens out of a pen.

— Bernie Slaven (@bernieslaven) 27 June 2016

Joe Hart couldn't save a word document #ENGICE

— Becky (@MissHaymes) June 27, 2016

Joe Hart tryna save shots on goal like pic.twitter.com/V4d2KtQvOP

— Ben // NotLikeThis (@Swindyyyy) 27 June 2016

RT for big Dave
FAV for Joe Hart pic.twitter.com/fwsglqe1pG

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) 27 June 2016

Why is Jeremy Corbyn like Joe Hart?
They both could have done more to keep us in Europe.

— @corbynjokes (@corbynjokes) 27 June 2016

Joe Hart said the other day he's had nothing to do at #EURO2016. He does realise he's supposed to stop the f*cking ball?

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) 27 June 2016

Which is worse? #ENGICE

— the version (@theversion) June 27, 2016

Boris Johnson has just praised Joe Hart's stability… #ENGICE

— Larry the Cat (@Number10cat) June 27, 2016

I'd expect Joe Hart to have stronger wrists given how much of a wanker he is…

— Karen (@Karen26_x) 27 June 2016

Joe Hart warming up tonight, should've known… #eng pic.twitter.com/30Mz7Sah5L

— Dan Burridge (@St_Burridge) 27 June 2016

Not surprising we're playing poorly – very difficult to keep up the tempo when you have a weak Hart #ENGICE

— Lupus (@LupusLondonwolf) June 27, 2016

Joe Hart 😂 pic.twitter.com/ZEbyb6D4Lc

— Phoebe ✨ (@Phoebsd22) 27 June 2016

Joe Hart. I've seen better hands in a hospital dustbin.

— Andy Tee (@AndyTee1) 27 June 2016

Kane at HT: "Sorry, boss. I don't know why I'm not scoring these free kicks. I was knocking them in at training against Joe…" #ENGICE

— James (@GiNgEr_JaMeS) June 27, 2016

When a dog is better than your goalkeeper #eng #ENGICE pic.twitter.com/zc3gGRh58r

— Richard J Moir (@RichardJMoir) June 27, 2016

Pressure eases on Corbyn as Parliamentary Labour Party line up to tell Joe Hart to resign.#ENGICE #EURO2016

— David Schneider (@davidschneider) June 27, 2016

I've just ordered Bonnie Tylers goalkeeping blunders Vol 2
It's just totally clips of Joe Hart#ENGICE

— Steve Gray (@GrayMarbleStone) 27 June 2016

Joe Hart trying to stop Iceland from scoring pic.twitter.com/R5RsgHUGBa

— Cal Fletcher (@callum_fletch98) 27 June 2016

Oscar Pistorius' legs work better than Joe Harts hands #ENGICE

— Bradley (@FinallyPayet) June 27, 2016

Joe Hart is about as useful as the second window in the Maccies drive thru #ENGICE

— Aaron Anthony (@_Aaron_Anthony_) 27 June 2016

"So the baw bounced just infront of joe hart then hit the back of the net and I just about pished myself!" pic.twitter.com/5MGXDSlqRG

— Anthony Hamilton (@1974Hamilton) 27 June 2016

#ENGICE I can see Joe Hart fronting the new Aldi advert campaign saying "I go to Aldi because I saved nothing from Iceland"

— Ken Barlow (@I_am_KenBarlow) 27 June 2016

What an absolutely embarrassing performance from a team who had hoped for so much. Only scoring twice past Joe Hart, tut tut.

— Brenzie (@Brenzie) 27 June 2016

Joe Hart does not look happy with his performance… pic.twitter.com/VaA6Ms3GGQ

— Unnamed Insider (@Unnamedinsider) 27 June 2016

Joe Hart really mustn't blame himself. He has us to do that for him.

— Back of the Net (@Back_of_the_Net) 27 June 2016

Joe Hart puts his head in his hands…

And drops it. #ENG

— Dave B (@burtiedaveCFC) 27 June 2016

"Do you go with Joe Hart in the quarter finals despite his mistakes?"

Not unless he's got an Icelandic grandmother#ENGICE

— Oldfirmfacts (@Oldfirmfacts1) 27 June 2016

Welcoming Joe Hart home pic.twitter.com/KcmoCg6zwr

— Alice Burton (@Alinguo) 27 June 2016

Legit #ENGICE pic.twitter.com/vqrB6EfOue

— Addy (@addy_davidson) June 27, 2016

Joe Hart. Always thought he was a bit flaky… pic.twitter.com/mtFdv5xfGq

— The Ulster Fry (@UlsterFryNI) 27 June 2016

Joe Hart has resigned from head & shoulders, nightmare

— Luke (@Iukeee) 27 June 2016

Joe Hart now free to join the Labour Cabinet

— Matt Lucas (@RealMattLucas) 27 June 2016

Joe Hart is still in the dressing room. Not 'cos he's upset but his arms don't have the strength to pull on his shirt. #ENGICE

— Peter Smith (@Redpeter99) 27 June 2016

Joe hart I swear to god I hope you get nits

— Anthony Munday (@ManLikeMund) 27 June 2016

RIP my Twitter inbox.

— Joe Hart (@JoeHart) 27 June 2016