The angry swearing Charlton fan at England vs Iceland
(Image: Twitter/90thMin)

VIDEO: Angry swearing Charlton fan at England vs Iceland

Self-identified League One supporter in the stands tells of his displeasure.


Charlton fan goes MENTAL at the England v Iceland game! pic.twitter.com/BWz3f4LGGt

— 90thMin (@90thMin) June 28, 2016

* warning: very bad, politically incorrect language

See the self-identified Charlton fan at England vs Iceland who works himself up into an angered frenzy over the performance he is witnessing in the stands at the Stade de Nice on Monday night.

England crashed out of the tournament and it was all too much for one travelling supporter who could not believe the the unimpressive internationals were going to come away with a dreadful 2-1 defeat.

Billed as the English national side’s worst ever tournament exit, the pain in the stadium was all too real for the overseas following as this clip shows.

Shaking his head throughout, the exasperated man appears to be questioned regarding his thoughts on the team by a fellow fan close to the action behind the goal, presumably late in the second half.

Swearing constantly, it becomes clear that he’s deeply unimpressed with the team and labels them “embarrassing”… amongst other things.

See and hear exactly what the Charlton fan at England vs Iceland has to say in the full video above.