The best jokes as Ireland are knocked out of Euro 2016 after 2-1 defeat to France

Ireland and their jovial fans going home after defeat by hosts.

These clovers wish they could hear the jokes as Ireland are knocked out of Euro 2016 following a 2-1 defeat to France
CRYING: All the clovers

These were all the best jokes as Republic of Ireland exited Euro 2016 at the hands of the hosts, losing 2-1 to France in Lyon on Sunday.

Brave in defeat, Martin O’Neill’s side were unable to prevent the French from overturning their unexpected early lead and finished the game reduced to ten men as their opponents progressed to the quarter-finals.

Here are the best jokes as Ireland are knocked out of Euro 2016 following their 2-1 loss to France:

Arse. #IRL

— Fr Dougal McGuire (@DougalMacGuire) 26 June 2016

How we feel right now #COYBIG #IRL pic.twitter.com/IvBfhFgqij

— Man Utd Irish Reds (@manutdirishreds) 26 June 2016

All gone a bit au pair shaped #FRAIRL

— Biglhist (@biglhist) 26 June 2016

Live look in at my fellow #irl fans pic.twitter.com/a86F08DI7Z

— Jim Powers (@jimmystagger) 26 June 2016

'They scored too early' already said in the shop 5 times. 50 the spread by close. #FRAIRL

— Peter Kingston (@KingstonPeter85) 26 June 2016

France are ruining France 2016. #FRAIRL

— Sam Homewood (@SamHomewood) 26 June 2016

Long shot, but I think Martin O' Neill should trigger Article 50. #irl #fra #COYBIG

— Colm Tobin (@colmtobin) 26 June 2016

Didn't go to church this morning, but I have heard this Irish guy at the bar pray or at least invoke Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. #FRAIRL

— KayBisous Giroud (@PetiteKaybee) 26 June 2016

France right now #FRAIRL pic.twitter.com/rWBYo9n7jd

— Josh Caulfield (@JGCaulfield) 26 June 2016

When you think you're going to get revenge, but all you get is a plane ticket home… #FRAIRL pic.twitter.com/5jH9IQHB5b

— Rich (@HashtagTopBants) 26 June 2016

Hope Ireland do get knocked out so we don't have to hear anymore stories about them saving cats, fixing cars and wanking off French coppers

— BenjaminMould (@BenjaminMould) 26 June 2016

Fun viral videos will drop by 88% now. #irlfra

— Des Bishop 毕瀚生 (@Desbishop) 26 June 2016

Irish fans right now. . . #FRAIRL pic.twitter.com/lq0hgPivau

— Football Tips (@NextBetTips) 26 June 2016

I wish there were more Irish fans in the crowd it would give them more encouragement #FRAIRL

— Yaa ✨ (@siebejpg) 26 June 2016

You know it's not Ireland's day when an impromptu Union Fleg appears on the pitch pic.twitter.com/Pmfvzl1G9W

— L.A.D (@LADFLEG) 26 June 2016

And they didn't even need to cheat this time.#FRAIRL

— Daniel Cherny (@DanielCherny) 26 June 2016

WE DEMAND A REPLAY! #FRAIRL pic.twitter.com/KZRwjrPOgk

— JΛY BUCKS (@TheMasterBucks) 26 June 2016

Anything to be said for saying another mass? #FRAIRL

— Pat O'Mahony (@patomahony1) 26 June 2016

That's the end for Ireland. pic.twitter.com/IBxpUwZMJt

— TheLADbible (@TheLadBible) 26 June 2016

Right #Irl fans. Time to get back home. There are roads that need tarmacing.

— LD (@Adistarmanc) 26 June 2016


Irish hearts broken.#FRA 2-1 #IRL

But… pic.twitter.com/WEFPWTFGMr

— 888sport (@888sport) 26 June 2016

Joy is Dead #IRL

— Men in Blazers (@MenInBlazers) 26 June 2016

This is historical, the first time France decided to not surrender. #FRAIRL

— Michelle Catlin (@CatlinNya) 26 June 2016

At least I can stop lying about my ancestry now. #FRAIRL

— Geraint (@geraintgriffith) 26 June 2016

Tog is crying into her green blanket #FRAIRL pic.twitter.com/2A8k8nLTuj

— Jo (@tallulahpoke) 26 June 2016

On the upside, we haven't just plunged our entire economy & political system into turmoil. So there's that… #FRAIRL #EURO2016 #Brexit

— Brian Nisbet (@natural20) 26 June 2016

A defeat for Ireland but a victory for my liver -Bethany Moore

— danielle✨ (@danielle_farren) 26 June 2016

Unlucky Ireland. Still, not all is lost, I've started a petition on the Government website to have the game replayed 👊

— Scott FFC Tanfield (@Scott_Tanfield) 26 June 2016

Live footage from Dublin… #FRAIRL pic.twitter.com/tlsHlsAE5C

— Ladbrokes (@Ladbrokes) 26 June 2016

Roy Keane on his way to the Ireland dressing room… #FRAIRLhttps://t.co/sn00n5dUZp

— BreatheSport (@BreatheSport) 26 June 2016

Ireland today: pic.twitter.com/VfCxKgv7fT

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) 26 June 2016

Do the French have the rose of Tralee? No. So we're the real winners. #coybig #IRLFRA

— Antoin Beag Ó Colla (@AntoinBeag) 26 June 2016

At least we still in @EU @Ireland

— Niicolas (@CallMeNiiicolas) 26 June 2016

Hard luck Ireland. Some people didn't want the cup anyway. #COYBIG #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/4vdxfx25U7

— Channel 4 (@Channel4) 26 June 2016

Ireland hibsing it with some added Titanic music 😂 pic.twitter.com/6tDjJlbHWk

— Teddybearrtid (@william_wallace) 26 June 2016