Naff commentators gear up for spate of chortlesome Shakespeare quips

The Naff Commentators Union (NCU) has announced measures to inundate us all with tiresome Shakespeare quips in relation to temporary Leicester City manager Craig.

Shakespeare got off to a flyer as his Foxes side dismantled Liverpool 3-1 in last night’s fixture, with Claudio Ranieri left gesticulating furiously wherever he happened to be at the time.

It’s a result that has lifted the reigning Premier League champions out of the relegation zone, with many idly speculating that maybe José Mourinho could have taken Chelsea down if only they’d given him a few more months.

And we can now expect an onslaught of heavy-handed allusions to The Bard, owing to the egregious average naffness of English football commentators.

One commentator told Football Burp: “And so it could transpire that talk of relegation round these parts was much ado about nothing.

“You could almost see the tempest clearing over Leicester, fans and players alike sensing that perhaps all’s well that ends well after all.

“Liverpool’s defence was a comedy of errors, mind. Bloody Lucas up against Vardy? Midwinter night’s nightmare.”

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