Arsenal face calls to be relegated over “sick” cannon emblem

Gunners also criticised for "deplorable" nickname.

Arsenal's club badge depicts a cannon
SICK: Insignia (Image: DAVID HOLT)

Arsenal are facing calls for them to be automatically relegated from the Premier League over revelations that their club badge depicts a cannon.

As Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling drew criticism for his new tattoo, the Gunners were branded “sick” and “disgraceful” in articles such as this one.

Having read the above sentence, critics doubled down on their demands for punitive action on account of Arsenal’s “deplorable” nickname.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, an outraged passer-by called for other clubs to be sanctioned as well.

They roared: “It’s all very well singling out Arsenal over their sick and disgraceful club logo, but they’re far from the only ones.

“There’s a sword in Charlton Athletic’s, which is disgraceful and sick in the current climate, while West Ham’s badge features not one but TWO hammers.

“Even more shocking is Manchester United’s insignia, which quite literally depicts a devil holding a pitchfork. Just imagine the satanic rituals this could inspire.

“Then you’ve got England’s, which is covered in lions. I count three of them. A defenseless child wouldn’t stand a chance against three lions.”

They added: “Oh and I once spent a week in hospital after I was butted by a stag, so Watford can get stuffed too.”