Southgate & Sterling reveal plans for “This is America” goal celebration

England manager still has bag he wore in Pizza Hut ad.

Gareth Southgate in a 1996 Pizza Hut advert
GUNNED? Gareth (Image: Pizza Hut)

Gareth Southgate still has the bag he wore on his head in an old Pizza Hut advert – and he plans to don it at the World Cup as part of a “This is America” goal celebration with Raheem Sterling.

Southgate starred in the self-deprecating commercial after his missed penalty against Germany cost England a place in the final of Euro ’96.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Southgate revealed that he and Sterling have been rehearsing a routine based on the scene in the “This is America” video where Childish Gambino shoots a man with a bag on his head.

He said: “It just makes sense for us to do it, really.

“Basically, if Raheem scores then I’ll enter the field of play with the bag on and tie myself to a chair while he cavorts around with his shirt off.

“Once I’m all trussed up and ready to go, he’ll come up behind me, cock his leg like a pissing dog and ‘shoot’ me in the head with his tattoo.

“We’ll probably both get sent off, but it’s not like we’re going to get beyond the last 16 anyway.”