Mourinho’s miserable mug makes millions mirthful

Many mourn man-management and many more mock misfortune as Mazzarri's men maul Man Utd.

José Mourinho is under pressure after Watford 3-1 Man Utd
MALIGNED: Mourinho (Image: ian Minkoff-London-Pixels)

Mourinho’s miserable mug made millions mirthful as Mazzarri’s men mauled Manchester United in a midday match.

Many mourned Mourinho’s man-management, but many more mocked, mimicked and made merriment at his misfortune and melancholy.

Man Utd’s meandering midfield made many mistakes, missed momentum and were mostly muzzled by Mazzarri’s motivated minions.

Mercurial Mata made a goal for marksman Marcus, which might’ve mattered had Man Utd mustered more magic – but it was merely meaningless.

Meanwhile it was miraculous for Mazzarri, whose modest means measures markedly against Man Utd’s mountain of money under ‘merican Malcolm.

Mourinho must maintain a measured manner met with media murmurings maligning his mastery of managerial matters.

Mixed messages made Mourinho’s post-match media meeting majorly mesmerising.

Mourinho mentioned: “Meticulous manager, me.

“Musta missed my many magnificent managerial master strokes, mate.”