The best jokes after Watford 3-1 Manchester United

José Mourinho's side succumb to a third successive defeat in a week.

There were all sorts of jokes after Watford 3-1 Manchester United about Mourinho, Rooney and co
NOT HAPPY: Mourinho (Image: Aleksandr Osipov)

These were all the best jokes after Watford 3-1 Manchester United, as José Mourinho’s multi-million pound side succumbed to a third successive defeat in a week under their new manager.

Troy Deeney’s late penalty strike sealed a memorable win for The Hornets as their, also newly-appointed, Italian boss Walter Mazzarri got one over on his old rival who has struggled to get off to a good start this season.

Don’t miss the best jokes after Watford 3-1 Manchester United:

Jose Mourinho these days pic.twitter.com/SInBq1yxbK

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) 18 September 2016

#pogfraud is now trending in #Liverpool https://t.co/49a6lxRqxb

— Trendsmap Liverpool (@TrendsLiverpool) September 18, 2016

Physio: "Martial's concussed, he doesn't know who he is"

Mourinho: "Tell him he's Ronaldo"

— The Football Pools (@footballpools) 18 September 2016

"Retire and be a hero, or play long enough to see yourself become the villain." – the story of Bruce Wayne Rooney.

— FonZo (@OfficialFonZo) September 18, 2016

Mourinho has taken us as far as he could, thanks for the community shield & 3 consecutive wins but it's time to say goodbye. #MourinhoOut

— Craig (@UBloodySchwein) 18 September 2016

Pep would have loaned Rooney out to Sampdoria.

— Stu (@bloostoo) September 18, 2016

Mourinho is just a David Moyes with Heineken endorsement

— champagne papi (@UncleTK__) 18 September 2016

Thats what 89 million gets ya. #Pogba #89million #WATMUN #ManchesterUnited pic.twitter.com/oPDJIIuNir

— Gareth Whitehorn (@gsw1986) 18 September 2016

Mourinho be like.. pic.twitter.com/bgh3UQfPSt

— GeniusFootball (@GeniusFootball) 18 September 2016

Wait a minute… #WATMUN pic.twitter.com/qekJpZxC9L

— Certain Betting (@CertainBetting) 18 September 2016

You don't need to watch Old Yeller, you can watch Wayne Rooney nowadays. Old Yeller, however, was sad for completely different reasons.

— Jonas Giæver (@CheGiaevara) September 18, 2016

Not sure why everyone is moaning about Wayne Rooney…….he's been out standing for Watford today

— Rappid Rashford (@RappidRashford) September 18, 2016

.@UnitedStandMUFC Delete.

— Liverpool FC (@LFC) September 18, 2016

SPOTTED: Jose Mourinho looking for the Paul Pogba receipt like…

— BBC Sporf (@BBCSporf) 18 September 2016

The last time Mourinho lost three consecutive games in one season… https://t.co/e67Jf1glHC

— Match of the Day (@BBCMOTD) 18 September 2016

Manchester united paid £89M for a dabbing socialite 😂😂😂😂

— Danny Welbeck (@WelBeast) 18 September 2016

If you're still defending Wayne Rooney youre a victim and your da 100% hits you with a baseball bat when you dont finish your vegetables

— Adam (@DeGeaoIogy) September 18, 2016

Taking my kids to watch this one. #WATMUN pic.twitter.com/NazyXg9sLB

— Sanj.B (@sanjbharadva) September 18, 2016

Somewhere in Netherlands.#WATMUN pic.twitter.com/H5iHRvbS8j

— Laszlo (@NeumaniAlvin) September 18, 2016

Bastian Schweinsteiger watching Jose Mourinho lose 3 games in a row… pic.twitter.com/o84YcWnCUu

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) 18 September 2016

Barber: What you want?
Ramsey: Show me a graph of Pogbas career after he joined United
Barber: Say no more fam pic.twitter.com/f938AFSF8H

— Sagna Boy (@SagnaBoy) 18 September 2016

Watford 3 The Special One #WATMUN

— John Prescott (@johnprescott) September 18, 2016

With a smile you get from a job well done, Eva Carneiro puts the voodoo dolls back in the cupboard till the next game. #Mourinho #WATMUN

— David Schneider (@davidschneider) September 18, 2016

Only one man can save United now… pic.twitter.com/qz422pjBDd

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) 18 September 2016

Hands down the best gif we've ever seen… #Mourinhopic.twitter.com/hwCSUUTVRf

— BigSport (@BigSportGB) 18 September 2016

Breaking: Juventus will be taken to court for selling a Chinese product to Manchester United

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) 18 September 2016

Mourinho has to do one thing just apologize to Eva Carniero.

— ️ (@AddictedToCFC) 18 September 2016

Lots of stick for Mourinho, but he's actually ahead of schedule. Usually takes two seasons for his teams to play this abysmally.

— Tom Williams (@tomwfootball) 18 September 2016

Moyes wasn't the problem.
LVG wasn't the problem.
Mourinho isn't the problem.

The problem is the Red Devil on our logo. #SatanOut #JesusIn

— Chidi Okereke (@Chydee) 18 September 2016

Pic 1:- what united fans thought they needed
Pic 2:-what they actually need pic.twitter.com/XpCE555WQw

— Indiana Bönes (@Cechque) 18 September 2016