Troy Deenet holds a baby Watford mascot with moustache dummy before 3-1 win against Manchester United
(Image: Twitter/Caroline Chapman)

PHOTOS: Baby Watford mascot with moustache dummy

Youngster held by Troy Deeney as he led the team out before kick off against Man Utd.


Troy Deeney holding a kid with a moustache dummy is the greatest. #MUFC #hornets pic.twitter.com/m7xdLA9Gkd

— Caroline Chapman (@caz_chapman) September 18, 2016

Watford’s first win over Manchester United in thirty years was memorable for a number of reasons, not least the baby with a moustache dummy who was the team’s mascot for the day, held by Troy Deeney as he led them out before the noon kick off.

The youngster, who could possibly be a relation of the Watford captain, was gushed over by viewers as he proudly displayed the comical contraption stuck in his little mouth for the television cameras.

The baby mascot with the moustache dummy, in full Watford kit, had a debonair look about him while observing his surroundings before the game at Vicarage Road on Sunday in which his guardian helped defeat United 3-1.

Sights rarely seen, No 469: Troy Deeney holding a baby wearing a fake moustache.
(Pic: PA) pic.twitter.com/9zxRCKIsaV

— Sam Morshead (@SamMorshead_) September 18, 2016