The best #AskDowie tweets for Iain Dowie

It probably seemed like an innocent enough idea at the time...

Iain Dowie and Sloth
Dowie… Asked (Image: totallylookslike.com)

It probably seemed like an innocent enough idea at the time – the other day, some bright spark at BBC Sport invited the Twitter community to send in their questions for Iain Dowie using the hashtag #AskDowie…

Got a question for Iain Dowie about the opening weekend of the season? Use #AskDowie, the best ones will be included in Sportsday Live.

— BBC Sport (@BBCSport) August 19, 2013

Well, it didn’t take long before the tweet was shot down in flames of pedantry…

#AskDowie didn't the season start 2 weeks ago?

— Bryan Edwards (@BryanEdwards12) August 19, 2013

…and from thereon in, it’s fair to say that BBC Sport didn’t quite the reception they may have been hoping for…

@BBCSport Do those Easter Island statues have to pay you likeness rights? #AskDowie

— Dave Turner (@Nevare88) August 19, 2013

what was going through your clotted mind when you thumped that header into your own net against stockport county? #AskDowie

— Chris Pike (@cdjp_rr9) August 19, 2013

#AskDowie why did you ruin charlton?

— Dean Davidson (@DeanDavidsonn) August 19, 2013

#askdowie @BBCSport Help I'm lost on the A205! – what's further north Woolwich or Croydon?

— James Taylor-Nye (@Palace_Jim) August 19, 2013

#askdowie Did you get hit in the face with a kettle when you were a child?

— Finchy (@ChrisFinch231) August 19, 2013

Iain. Have you ever thought of learning English as a second language? @BBCSport #AskDowie

— treacadeulofeu (@treacadelic) August 19, 2013

@levyboy1 @BryanEdwards12 #AskDowie Ian, do you still recieve royalty payments everytime the the Goonies film is shown?

— Chris Bottom (@ChrisBottom16) August 19, 2013

#AskDowie Do you believe in life after love?

— Mr Moves (@MrMoves) August 19, 2013

@BBCSport What is the matter with your face #AskDowie

— Alex Parkinson (@alex_kinson) August 19, 2013

Why are you so dowie? #AskDowie

— Christian Kaca Paul (@Cricripaul) August 19, 2013

@lukerenz @BBCSport #askdowie #dowielean do you have a rare disease that means you can't sit in a chair properly?

— Jordan Richardson (@JRichardson_19) August 19, 2013

#AskDowie is it true that you was barred from sherlocks in Birkenhead for head butting a bouncer?

— danny thomas (@danny_thomas86) August 19, 2013

Why are you so good at relegating clubs? #askdowie #BBCSportsday

— Tom Rose (@Tom__Rose) August 19, 2013

Dowie: “Let’s have a look at those questions, then.”

BBC Sport: “Eeeeerrrrrr…”