A Manchester United fan prays in the stands at Old Trafford during their 0-3 defeat to Tottenham
(Image: Twitter/Ian Wright)

VIDEO: Manchester United fan prays in the stands during 0-3 defeat to Tottenham

Hoping for divine intervention in José Mourinho's worst ever loss at home.



It was a miserable night for the home fans inside Old Trafford on Monday, but there will have been few doing as much about it as one supporter who took it upon himself to pray as Manchester United succumbed to a 0-3 defeat by Spurs.

With just over four minutes left to play and the game seemingly beyond José Mourinho side, the Sky Sports footage focussed in on the Man Utd fan praying in the stands.

He clasps his hands together while muttering under his breath before making the sign of the cross and continuing to watch the action.

Presumably he was hoping for what would have been an absolute miracle recovery by United.