The best jokes as Germany go out of the World Cup at the group stage after 2-0 defeat to South Korea

2014 champions sent packing.

Manuel Neuer was powerless to prevent the jokes as Germany go out of the World Cup in Russia at the group stage after 2-0 defeat to South Korea
OUT: Neuer (Image: Steindy)

World Cup holders Germany crashed out of Russia 2018 at the group stage after a 2-0 defeat to South Korea in Kazan on Wednesday.

After a poor 90-minute showing from the Germans, Kim Young-Gwon’s stoppage time strike was initially ruled out before VAR correctly overturned the decision.

Spurs star Heung-min Son then doubled South Korea’s advantage with a simple tap-in after Manuel Neuer had come outfield as Germany pushed for a leveller.

On another dramatic conclusion to a group in Russia, these were the best jokes as Germany are eliminated from the World Cup following a 2-0 Group F defeat to South Korea in Russia:

South Korea’s attitude to Germany right now #KORGER pic.twitter.com/81EssKkehI

— Scott Innes (@Flying_Inside) June 27, 2018

@TheTotallyShow You could say that is a Korea Löw for the Germans.

— Daniel (@killerwhalecopy) June 27, 2018


Hello Kim Jong , this is Angela Merkel. Bomb South Korea please. #KORGER pic.twitter.com/HNlay9RSwM

— E (@DevotedTroubler) June 27, 2018

smells like failure #KORGER pic.twitter.com/lDZuMroeOP

— BBC Three (@bbcthree) June 27, 2018

The quickest German exit from Russian soil since 1945. #KORGER

— Rob Murphy (@roobmurph) June 27, 2018


Germany need a root and branch review of football from grassroots level up, and to copy the English model.

— Jonny Sharples (@JonnyGabriel) June 27, 2018


If only the Germans had a word for "schadenfreude" #worldcup #KORGER #GER

— Farrell Monk (@FarrellMonk) June 27, 2018

Do the Germans have a word for an obvious joke?

— Duncan Robinson (@duncanrobinson) June 27, 2018


Don't mention the score.#KORGER pic.twitter.com/O9y440oYVU

— Paul Harvey (@68harv) June 27, 2018


VARsprung durch technik!

— Nick Harris (@sportingintel) June 27, 2018

Answer me Donald, why did you lie to me the problem was north Korea not south Korea. Answer me!!!! #KORGER pic.twitter.com/wbbuq04FaZ

— Clarence (@tjirri) June 27, 2018


Ronaldo carrying Portugal
Kane carrying England
Kante carrying France

And Lufthansa carrying Germany#KORGER

— Yelkur (@ArseneAnger) June 27, 2018


Just don't mention the VAR. I did once, but I think I got away with it.

— Daniel Storey (@danielstorey85) June 27, 2018

Never felt so awkward being a South Korean married to a German…#KORGER

— Hawon Jung (@allyjung) June 27, 2018





The German fans reserve their seats for the next round #KORGER pic.twitter.com/lboDtYGsHe

— Football Burp ⚽ (@FootballBurp) June 27, 2018


Last World Cup: Germany 7-1 Brazil

This World Cup: https://t.co/NFu4bkU3ms

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) June 27, 2018

Man #KORGER Mexico is loving Korea right now pic.twitter.com/W4OlaQlrfv

— Modern Notoriety (@ModernNotoriety) June 27, 2018

#KORGER Hitler is rolling over in his grave!

— Bob Kostic (@causticbob) June 27, 2018



BBC4 have had entire evenings of stuff like a canal boat going along. Why didn't they have a camera on the German fans at the final whistle and now bung out 4 hours of their reactions. I'd watch that. #NeverErase#KORGER

— Danny Baker (@prodnose) June 27, 2018


#KORGER Donald it is me, Angela. The enemy is South-Korea. pic.twitter.com/Rpd6Upx7YO

— Herwig Van Wilderode (@HVWilderode) June 27, 2018

"SMELL MY FINGERS !!!"#KORGER pic.twitter.com/ZDvPK20IWk

— GuillaumeTC (@GuillaumeTC) June 27, 2018

Germans walloped in 1918 and 2018. History always repeats.

— bob (@oldbob1944) June 27, 2018

Jokes about Germans are the wurst.#Germany

— Danny (@DannyCalidonia) June 27, 2018

Got knocked out of the World Cup so we won't face Brazil in the round of 16 and they won't get their chance to take revenge. pic.twitter.com/eYE5gYUdgf

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) June 27, 2018

So from today's gsmes:
Brazil vs Mexico
Sweden vs Switzerland
Germany vs Turbulence in the skies as they fly home.

— Gibbs (@GibbzBryan) June 27, 2018

Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans no longer always win. Previous version is confined to history.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) June 27, 2018

The Germans going out confirms it's coming home

— ImAllexx (@ImAllexx) June 27, 2018


the south korean president on korea’s surprising win against germany "we couldn’t have done it without bts" #KORGER pic.twitter.com/fAePltmvM0

— s (@godtiertan) June 27, 2018