Brazil fans hold a funeral march for Germany's World Cup
(Image: Twitter/Internet Palace)

VIDEO: Brazil fans stage funeral march for Germany’s World Cup campaign

Reigning champions crashed out at group stage.


So Brazil held a funeral for Germany's hopes of winning the World Cup pic.twitter.com/7TCItOMt3o

— Internet Palace (@InternetPalace) June 27, 2018

Brazil fans staged a funeral march for Germany’s World Cup campaign after the reigning champions bowed out at the group stage.

A 2-0 defeat to South Korea sealed the Germans’ fate, prompting Brazil supporters to indulge in no little schadenfreude with memories of their 2014 semi-final still lingering.

Germany won 7-1 at the Estádio Mineirão on that occasion, but they will play no further part this time around while Brazil reached the last 16 after beating Serbia 2-0.

For extra international flavour, it transpired the Brazil fans holding the funeral march were Lebanese Brazil fans living in Libya.