The best jokes from Mexico 0-3 Sweden as both teams reach last 16 in Russia

Swedes finish top of Group F, Mexicans 2nd.

The jokes from Mexico 0-3 Sweden centred around Mexicans celebrating Germany's exit from the World Cup in Russia

Sweden beat Mexico 3-0 to ensure top spot in Group F, with their opponents also qualifying for the Round of 16 having won their first two games.

Ludwig Augustinsson opened the scoring on 50 minutes, with Andreas Granqvist adding his second goal of the tournament from the penalty spot.

Mexico defender Edson Álvarez then added an own goal, but his team still made it to the next phase as Germany lost to South Korea.

After a somewhat surprising result, with the Mexicans revelling in defeat for the Germans, relive the drama with the best jokes from Mexico 0-3 Sweden:

When the game is 3-0 and you don't need to worry anymore 😂😂 #MEXSWE pic.twitter.com/Pj5FbubVcU

— Pecky (@PeckyTTV) June 27, 2018

Me going to Russia and telling Mexico to get themselves together

#MEXSWE pic.twitter.com/msC19JRr2T

— gloria ⁷ (@beyondjinmin) June 27, 2018

me hoping south korea does good for us #MEXSWE pic.twitter.com/6W8zFrXEHi

— wendy (@wendaddyy) June 27, 2018

Pretty much every Mexican right now #MEXSWE #MexicovsSuecia #SWEMEX pic.twitter.com/QEOhpnW3QT

— Dustbunnee (@dustbunnee2) June 27, 2018


— Angry Girl (@adriserika) June 27, 2018

Me working my brujería on Sweden rn since they wanna play like that #MEXSWE pic.twitter.com/Yfwi6OrJAH

— (99%)SanchoDave (@Sanch0Dave) June 27, 2018

Hold them off Korea pls I swear I will start listening to BTS #GERKOR #MEXSWE #MexicovsSuecia

— Boo Bitches 👻 (@LowClassGlamour) June 27, 2018

The mood of this match #MEXSWE pic.twitter.com/4aki2jOAS4

— Karla (@Artisticneed) June 27, 2018

When we needed her most, she vanished 😔 #WorldCup #MEXSWE pic.twitter.com/kNKYoHgbMf

— REMEZCLA (@REMEZCLA) June 27, 2018

#MEXSWE destroying all my IKEA furniture pic.twitter.com/adjJEagIpz

— Cynthia (@cynthiadollx) June 27, 2018

Swede dreams are made of this. #MEXSWE pic.twitter.com/DP7S1Zlspd

— FIFA World Cup (@FIFAWorldCup) June 27, 2018

*prays for Germany not to score* #MEXSWE pic.twitter.com/9BNEM6CEip

— 👣 (@simplythandeka) June 27, 2018

Highlights of the #MEXSWE #GERKOR pic.twitter.com/gPAkeakkrd

— Super (@hellosuperhere) June 27, 2018

Thank you Korea #MEXSWE pic.twitter.com/xq21zRipmD

— E. (@erikasl10) June 27, 2018


I hereby declare Cho Hyun-woo as an honorary mexican for the rest of his life #MEXSWE #MEX #GER #KOR #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/wnow6AwXP3

— Insónias em Carvão (@insoniascarvao) June 27, 2018

Moods during the #MEXSWE game pic.twitter.com/liDctGTSui

— Elienai (@ElienaiPina) June 27, 2018

Me to all the Koreans #MEXSWE #KORGER pic.twitter.com/O6ja9cwycP

— Deysi (@dayseepz) June 27, 2018

The only people that knew how to save Mexico #MEXSWE pic.twitter.com/JKK4emp0IC

— Jose padilla (@bandito_j9) June 27, 2018

Proud owner of a @Hyundai!! #MEXSWE #KORGER #thankyoukorea #Rusia2018 #MundialMT pic.twitter.com/X0hHhmrTBw

— Alonzo Torres 🎃 (@TheZoto_1) June 27, 2018


Just went to the store and saw Mexicans buying South Korea jersey 😂😂💯#MEXSWE #Mexico #WorldCup #Germany #SouthKorea #Sane

— Raynay ⚡️ (@Raynoow) June 27, 2018

It’s gonna be damn bouncy for any Korean in Mexico for the rest of the day 😂#MEXSWE #KORGER


— Aurelia ⟭⟬⁷ (@AureliaOT7) June 27, 2018

Me walking out of my house acting like I did not just cry for 45 minutes straight as i yelled at my tv #MEXSWE pic.twitter.com/F4jLjvWP6c

— ily hayden (@bankr0lhayden) June 27, 2018


So where changing the flag right? #MEXSWE pic.twitter.com/fMqkWIMsJT

— tian 🧑‍🚀 (@chanch_14) June 27, 2018

Mexico’s national anthem for the next few hours. #KORGER #MEXSWE thank you Korea ❤️ pic.twitter.com/R0trVhHwsS

— Jess (@Rodrig_Jessi) June 27, 2018

K-BBQ restaurants gonna see a big spike in Mexican customers today. pic.twitter.com/GCoxN7uGOx

— Hermit the Wise (@Hermit_Wisdom) June 27, 2018

Mood for the rest of 2018 #MEXSWE #korea pic.twitter.com/LFivwOWsBa

— j (@jasminisaac4) June 27, 2018

Me before the game vs after the game 💀💀 #MEXSWE pic.twitter.com/vRbTkxuUXL

— azul celeste🦋 (@celestegalvann) June 27, 2018


I'm buying all the K-Pop albums#MEXSWE #KORGER pic.twitter.com/ubh8ZbZPzE

— 🌮🌮 (@JazSamR) June 27, 2018

My auntjust sent me this 😂 how I woke up vs. how I am now #MEXSWE pic.twitter.com/Fvca4jD0ZE

— I HATE KEVO MORELLI 📸 (@KevoMorelli) June 27, 2018

korea letting mexico stay in the world cup #MEXSWE pic.twitter.com/CD7o4equAR

— . (@journalsxoxo) June 27, 2018

me happy we qualified but still recovering from my heart attack #MEXSWE pic.twitter.com/rZVrAs8lwz

— big mama (@brendayprz) June 27, 2018

My dad invited his coworker to lunch lmaooooo 😂😂😂 #MEXSWE 🇰🇷 pic.twitter.com/cSfrlqI6J8

— cali jenner (@PRESHUSJULEZ) June 27, 2018

BREAKING NEWS: after Korea saved Mexico from being eliminated, Mexico has officially changed their language from Spanish to Korean#MEXSWE #KORGER pic.twitter.com/1DcPhBdH8a

— Armani (@historyofarmani) June 27, 2018

thank you korean jesus #KORGER pic.twitter.com/yBdsmYPk6X

— erik (@kaleidoxcrasher) June 27, 2018

Koreans walking into the carne asada like…#KORGER #MEXSWE

— isa✷ (@EXOCHANCLAS) June 27, 2018

New wallpaper who dis……..#KORGER pic.twitter.com/ecUYF7geKM

— Castro1021 (@Castro1021) June 27, 2018

I guess it's time I start listening to BTS 😂 #MEXSWE #KORGER

— Andy 🌸🌱 (@andyisntcandy) June 27, 2018