The best jokes from Serbia 1-2 Switzerland after last-minute Shaqiri winner

Swiss go second in Group E only on goal difference.

Xherdan Shaqiri scored a late goal and can relax with the jokes from Serbia 1-2 Switzerland at Russia 2018
SCORED: Shaqiri (Image: Steindy)

A 90th-minute winner from Xherdan Shaqiri helped Switzerland to a 2-1 win over Serbia in Kaliningrad on Friday night.

The game looked to be heading for a draw after a Granit Xhaka strike shortly after half-time cancelled out Aleksandar Mitrović’s early header.

But it’s all to play for now in Group E with the Swiss just needing a point against Costa Rica, who have already been eliminated, in their final World Cup group stage game.

Here are the best of the jokes from Serbia 1-2 Switzerland at Russia 2018:



I assume I'm not the only person that shouts "Shakira Shakira" everytime Shaqiri gets the ball. #SERSUI #WorldCup

— Chris Burgoyne (@ChrisBurgoyne) June 22, 2018



VAR can only be used on football related decisions, so the Rugby tackle on Mitrovic falls outside its remit #SERSUI #SRBSUI

— Simon Bell (@sbell007ck) June 22, 2018

Harvey Weinstein is apparently thinking about using #VAR in his defence case, as it seems to fail to pick up blatant physical assaults in the box #SERSUI

— Ron Crossbar (@RonCrossbar) June 22, 2018

This is going to be such a loud sneeze. #SERSUI pic.twitter.com/h3mHbm3p4X

— Jimbo (@JimboUnchained) June 22, 2018

Roger Federer edges Novak Djokovic in a close fought match #SERSUI

— Gafar (@MukkySW19) June 22, 2018


The Kosovans look to have beaten the Serbs #WorldCup2018 #SERSUI

— Peter Geoghegan (@PeterKGeoghegan) June 22, 2018


#Shaqiri #Hulk our HERO #SERSUI #Switzerland @XS_11official pic.twitter.com/8xclZfR3lX

— Aji Yahya | ئەژی #FREEKURDISTAN (@ajisaeedyahya) June 22, 2018



We all deserve someone who holds us as close as Switzerland held Mitrović. #SERSUI pic.twitter.com/Vth4h1YlL7

— Arrash Arya Yassaee (@ArrashYassaee) June 22, 2018


Switzerland are exempt from VAR decisions against them as they store all the FIFA gold. #SERSUI

— Ryan Jack's a winner (at home) (@Seasider06) June 22, 2018


The Swiss seem to be on a roll #SERSUI

— Lakeslandlord (@lakeslandlord) June 22, 2018

Chocolate is free Tonight in Switzerland . #SERSUI #worldcup

— Lerato Phoku (@lerato_phoku) June 22, 2018


Xhaka and Shaqiri should come to the premiership and play! #SERSUI

— Championship Manager 01/02 (@cm0102legends) June 22, 2018

Just heard a bang from our apartment block. Not sure if it was the Serbian family smashing their telly or the Swiss family throwing toblerones about #SERSUI

— Grundy’s Coming Home (@GrundyOxford) June 22, 2018

Can't believe VAR didn't give a penalty against FIFA President Gianni Infantino's Switzerland #SERSUI #SRBSUI

— Iain F (@iaindroid) June 22, 2018

#SERSUI Dear VAR , I'm watching this with a load of pals with a few beers on a smallish TV. You have 6 blokes watching it on big screens…with no beer. We all saw this. Why didn't you ? pic.twitter.com/voQGwgPEZi

— Mutley (@nooouch) June 22, 2018

So glad FIFA have introduced #VAR for this tournament. #SERSUI pic.twitter.com/07AEDlJgHU

— Peperami Animal (@Peperami) June 22, 2018


When your that excited you throw your whee of cheese #SERSUI pic.twitter.com/dux9anbLPp

— Ian Smith (@yans15) June 22, 2018