The best jokes from Costa Rica 0-1 Serbia as Kolarov free-kick seals Group E win

Former Manchester City man from 25 yards.

Aleksandar Kolarov scored the only goal of the game before all the jokes from Costa Rica 0-1 Serbia at World Cup Russia 2018
(Image: John Urquhart)

A stunning free-kick from Serbia captain Aleksandar Kolarov was enough to separate the two sides in their World Cup Group E clash with Costa Rica on Sunday.

The former Manchester City defender curled the ball over the wall after 56 minutes, to score from 25 yards.

These were the best of the jokes from Costa Rica 0-1 Serbia at Russia 2018:

Serbia sounds like a pint with a knighthood #CRCSRB

— innocent drinks (@innocent) June 17, 2018

If you squint your eyes a bit it looks like you’re watching a Clasico #CRCSRB

— Zärä (@goonerathena) June 17, 2018


Will be hard to top this fan reaction in Day 4 of the World Cup #CRCSRB pic.twitter.com/8XBxNyVJEn

— Andrew Jerell Jones, Luke 1:37 (@sluggahjells) June 17, 2018

After watching many World Cups and Olympics, I’ve come to the conclusion that too many nations use red, white and blue in their flags.

It’s time to redo the flags of the world. One of my first initiatives when I come to power… #CRCSRB

— Daniel Tiluk (@danieltiluk) June 17, 2018

Disappointed that only Kolarov has a name not ending in -ic but luckily Milninkovic-Savic has two -ic's thereby restoring the cosmic balance. #CRCSRB

— Aravind (@ngaravind) June 17, 2018



80 years from now: “Yes, grandkids. I was at the #WorldCup in Russia but I didn’t see any of it because I was watching Bob The Builder on YouTube.” #CRCSRB pic.twitter.com/MLLTXUbN0h

— The Cooligans (@SoccerCooligans) June 17, 2018

Playback, Error and Retry had an amazing first half #CRCSRB

— Anthony Vescio (@vesh88) June 17, 2018

Nemanja Matic is prepared to fight every Costa Rican at the #WorldCup #CRCSRB pic.twitter.com/5TunHFzLtm

— COPA90 US (@Copa90US) June 17, 2018

‘You’re winning man, fuck off’

Pls tell me I heard Ureña right #CRCSRB

— hannah cardinal (@maddhanner) June 17, 2018

This Costa Rica vs Serbia match is more boring than Indian porn #CRCSRB

— sotrixbax (@sotrixbax) June 17, 2018

All of the Serbian players’ names end with what sounds like the word itch, so I hope they don’t make any rash decisions #CRCSRB

— Jez a Bell (@Tsarcastic_) June 17, 2018