The best jokes from Nigeria 2-0 Iceland as Musa double wins World Cup Group D clash

Anything can happen in World Cup Group D.

Ahmed Musa can enjoy the tweets and jokes from Nigeria 2-0 Iceland at the World Cup
TWO, SIR: Musa (Image: Xavier Rondón Medina)

Two goals from Leicester City’s Ahmed Musa ensured a win for Nigeria over Iceland in their second game at World Cup Russia 2018.

The result in Volgograd means all four teams in Group D still have a chance of qualifying for the knockout stages as they head into their third and final group stage matches.

These were the best jokes from Nigeria 2-0 Iceland on Friday:




If you look closely you'll notice the TV on the right is faster than the one on the left. If they score us on the right TV we can still stop the goal on the left TV#NaijaIssaGoal#NGAISL pic.twitter.com/4eOIb4jSWa

— Oroge David (@ij_kush) June 22, 2018

Mood… #NGAISL pic.twitter.com/rzuuWbaJUI

— . (@Gwebaela) June 22, 2018



Current Mood: pic.twitter.com/EWi1UWQWZT

— Igali Divine (@Igali_Divine) June 22, 2018

Please Somebody should help me tag my wife I have finally found her in this in this Nigeria vs Iceland match please don't stand in the way of true love please retweet till she see this Thaink You ☺ #NGAISL #WorldCup #NGAICE pic.twitter.com/OqWe6Hecyw

— Young States Man (@ClefGift) June 22, 2018


Messi spotted celebrating Nigeria second goal #NGAISL pic.twitter.com/cXhBkDOHYv

— Mr. Gitz (@iGitz_) June 22, 2018

Finally Nigeria are playing as good as their kit #NGAISL

— Football Daily (@footballdailyuk) June 22, 2018

You cant tell me Sango isn't greater than Thor #NGAISL

— The Pe@cock (@WoleOdeleye) June 22, 2018







This Nigeria's goalkeeper has 19 years experience. #WorldCup #NGAISL

— Joel (@joelentti) June 22, 2018

Kenneth Omeruo whenever someone's son tries to run in behind. #WorldCup #NGAISL pic.twitter.com/FSn5UaAKok

— Ifeanyi (@Samuel_Anene) June 22, 2018


Musa’s agent right now. #NGAISL pic.twitter.com/hZ5s2W0605

— Ebuka Akara (@ebuka_akara) June 22, 2018

When you finally see the idiot that predicted that Nigeria will lose against Iceland #NGAISL pic.twitter.com/dKbQZPymeX

— Alimi Ibrahim (@DONHALOGEN) June 22, 2018



When you find out your neighbor is pregnant for her sister’s husband #NGAISL pic.twitter.com/1MJstXWJL2

— Amina (@amie__na) June 22, 2018

If Moses can't lead us to the promise land, Musa will #NGAISL pic.twitter.com/nSTcTdPg5F

— Chief Priest ✝️ (@Sir_BQ) June 22, 2018

Nigeria finally broke the Ice.#NGAISL pic.twitter.com/wRUYO3uduF

— {L}e{S}e{D}i (@_Hybreed_) June 22, 2018

if ( NG > ARG || NG === ARG){
return true
return false
#NGAISL https://t.co/a5AxdUkVvb

— Code47 (@iamcode47) June 22, 2018


Messi on move to Nigeria: “it’s been a dream of mine for years to play with the likes of Ahmed Musa and Iwobi. Finally I can play with a team who give me service. Argentina is in the past. I came here to win. #WorldCup #NGAISL pic.twitter.com/ipPB3WZfe9

— Nigeria Influencers (@NaijaInfluencer) June 22, 2018


#NGAISL He made him to lie down in green pastures pic.twitter.com/2NHpINawOT

— Damilola (@Dami_kens) June 22, 2018

Referee: Adds 6 minutes
Mikel: We will waste it! #NGAISL pic.twitter.com/m0bHxtW0mc

— Boluwaji Ayomide Eniola (@mistabolu) June 22, 2018

Nigeria coach going through all Argentina past games, players' history, players' wife's, etc #NGAISL pic.twitter.com/0ElOaT4Grm

— Mwai (@thee_mwai) June 22, 2018


Those of you that said you'll post your nudes if Nigeria wins.

We have our Vaseline.

What are you waiting for?#NGAISL

— A Random Guy (@WaaleBlaze) June 22, 2018

So if Nigeria draws against Argentina and Iceland fails to win against Croatia, we'd qualify for the next stage with 4points#NGAISL pic.twitter.com/niPgXU72VS

— Elvis Tunde ⚓ (@Tunnyking) June 22, 2018

These nigerian kits look even better when they win #NGAISL #musa

— Sami Kiddy (@SamielKiddy) June 22, 2018


How to score against a film director.
Cut, cut, cut and then shoot#NGAISL pic.twitter.com/vYVsyqkjYn

— Aine Derrick (@hotniqqha) June 22, 2018


When they were killing mosquitoes, we were busy scoring goals#worldCup#NGAISL pic.twitter.com/pQBlG58kJn

— LEAVES (@zrelpreneur) June 22, 2018



How Nigerians will be walking the streets of Russia tonight. #NGAISL pic.twitter.com/ukUNpxqSld

— FAVOUR ONYEOZIRI (GCFR) (@Rouvafe) June 22, 2018