The best jokes from Croatia 2-0 Nigeria as Victor Moses keeps falling over

Prayers didn't save the losers.

The losers took defeat in good spirit and will enjoy the tweets and jokes from Croatia vs Nigeria and the ones about Victor Moses diving
(Image: Javid Nikpour)

Nigerian fans were left frustrated as their side failed to show what was required to contest their first Group D game of World Cup Russia 2018, losing 2-0 to Croatia in Kaliningrad on Saturday.

Much promise and a fancy new kit that had people queuing up around the block amounted to little in the end in a match that didn’t see its first shot on target until the 59th minute, despite an own goal midway through the first half.

With the losers taking the result in good spirit, these are the best of the tweets and jokes from Croatia vs Nigeria:

The Nigerian jersey design should be made the new flag already #CRONGA

— The Last Girl Bender | Adonai (@MrManHere) June 16, 2018


Guess who the Queen of England is supporting today…#CRONGA #WorldCup #FiFaWorldCup18 pic.twitter.com/RtH5nfJPGl

— #FIFAWorldCup2018 (@Akin_akinboye) June 16, 2018


Someone just said the pace of this game is faster than the Nigerian economy #CRONGA

— Omo Akure (@JohnOdedeji) June 16, 2018

The commentators are only saying the easy names when Nigeria pass the ball. Bare silence loooool #CRONGA

— #FLEX (@LethalBizzle) June 16, 2018

Apparently, the Super Eagles of Nigeria promised their President that "We will bring the World Cup home."
Let politicians also know how it feels to receive empty promises!

— Francis Ndung'u (@Frank_ndungu_99) June 16, 2018

If our keeper is 19,how old are you? pic.twitter.com/cjT5CRtbhn

— Kaybest (@kaybest__) June 16, 2018

Did I really just hear that correctly? The stadium #CRONGA is being played at right now is currently sinking because it was built on a swamp?!?! pic.twitter.com/Fp2UYudUUD

— Chris Davison (@cdavison_afc) June 16, 2018


Why are our boys always going back? Is there a red sea at the front? If yes, what's the use of the Moses in our team?#CRONGA

— Josh (@sire_liljosh) June 16, 2018

We cover Victor Moses' legs in the blood of Jesus #CRONGA pic.twitter.com/gHHWlH8LiW

— AMAKA *•* (@chimamaka_) June 16, 2018

Moses just dey fall like our naira #CRONGA

— YK Lee (@Datzmenoni) June 16, 2018

Nigerians right now #WorldCup #SoarSuperEagles #CRONGA pic.twitter.com/0K8pBYsj3Z

— TRENDS OF NIGERIA (@TrendsOfNigeria) June 16, 2018

They should have allowed us to carry our live chickens inside the stadium now our juju is not working #CRONGA pic.twitter.com/TmCqAXm0eV

— Hear SOMETHING (@deola_wambi_) June 16, 2018





Alert Nigerians!!! ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

If you're in the Russia stadium come to Canopy D. They are sharing food 😁😁😁😁 #CRONGA #WorldCup

— Slim 👽 🇳🇬🇬🇧 (@sammy_ryde) June 16, 2018

Moses has fallen more times than I've fallen in love. #CRONGA #WorldCup

— Seyota (@cosythorn) June 16, 2018

Victor Moses that cannot even cross the road. And you want him to cross the ball #CRONGA pic.twitter.com/Imbt4jTYrb

— JOKUNLE (@Jokunle) June 16, 2018


Mood right now. #CRONGA pic.twitter.com/aNnBovpcrr

— World Publicist (@IsimaOdeh) June 16, 2018


Moses has fallen more than rain this year. #CRONGA

— Josh (@sire_liljosh) June 16, 2018

#CRONGA This is what all football looks like to people who don't like football.

— ROB CHAPMAN (@rcscribbler) June 16, 2018

Why would you hold Mandzukic like that? Is he your wife? 😭 #CRONGA

— Femi ابوبکر Bakre (@femibakre) June 16, 2018

This is the first penalty ever given for cuddling #CRONGA

— Karl Sharro (@KarlreMarks) June 16, 2018

Me when I catch the guy that is texting my gf #CRONGA pic.twitter.com/bI1g96eeqd

— suki (@_dirtydeed) June 16, 2018

This is not what the pig promised us na pic.twitter.com/phMk5FpmVM

— ♚ Ugℓу Nαke∂ Gυу (@t_riumphant) June 16, 2018

Me packing my bags leaving Russia tonight, I did not waste my flight money to come and watch you model jersey. #CRONGA pic.twitter.com/8GwVGMGknN

— ♚ Ugℓу Nαke∂ Gυу (@t_riumphant) June 16, 2018

The main reason we learn mathematics in Nigeria is to calculate how Super Eagles will qualify #CRONGA

— Baba Folarin (@That_IjebuBadoo) June 16, 2018

Footballers 2 : 0 Fashionistas #CRONGA

— Freelance Graphics Designer (@Isaiah_bd) June 16, 2018

#CRONGA #WorldCup

Who eats pork here? There's one stupid pig that needs to die tonight

— President Carter (@psalmcarter) June 16, 2018

#CRONGA #WorldCup

Retweet for Davido's Fall
Like for Victor Moses' Fall pic.twitter.com/A6cVPdAlg1

— Omoniyi Israel (@omoissy) June 16, 2018

Croatia: they have speed, shot, experience, skills

Nigeria: we have jersey #CRONGA pic.twitter.com/CxbUvBh55D

— HeadiSon (@dZa_Real_BlaQ) June 16, 2018




Current mood #CRONGA pic.twitter.com/qRxrFsjKNF

— JOKUNLE (@Jokunle) June 16, 2018

Other Countries prepared for World cup, Nigerian players prepared for Russian Fashion week.
Model fc #CRONGA

— ᝣ (@ERNESTHDGAMER) June 16, 2018

When boys catch the forecaster #CRONGA pic.twitter.com/zaAH06r27Q

— Olufemi Oyekanmi (@_iamjimmyneutro) June 16, 2018

I swear, I’ll revenge this match on my PS4, Croatia cannot go scot-free. Lai lai #CRONGA pic.twitter.com/L4Ne46Ym05

— Harckhan (@Harckhan) June 16, 2018


#CRONGA #WorldCup
Anytime Victor Moses sees a Croatian player coming near him pic.twitter.com/8ZT3L5VsAM

— Four-eyed Edo boy™ (@Alex_Houseof308) June 16, 2018



Rare picture of Nigerians going back to Nike store to return Jersey and collect their money back. #CRONGA pic.twitter.com/C1ah6XbIed

— FAVOUR ONYEOZIRI (GCFR) (@Rouvafe) June 16, 2018

We depend on prayer too much. Everything is not prayer. If you don’t play well, you will lose. #CRONGA

— Ebuka Akara (@ebuka_akara) June 16, 2018

Same ish different year 😅 The guy on the right is the new meme 😂😩 #CRONGA pic.twitter.com/zr32hM2rLI

— Ifunanya ❤️ (@Ms_Omeo) June 16, 2018