The best jokes from Germany 0-1 Mexico as Hirving Lozano goal stuns holders

Defeated in their opening game of follow-up campaign.

Mexican fans can celebrate in Russia with the jokes from Germany 0-1 Mexico
Sombrero in the stands

Current World Cup holders Germany were defeated by Mexico on Sunday in their first game of Russia 2018.

A single Hirving Lozano first-half goal was enough for Juan Carlos Osorio’s side to hang on to as the Germans made a disaster start to their follow-up campaign.

And these were the best of the jokes from Germany 0-1 Mexico in Group F:

WITH OUR POWERS COMBINED 🇲🇽🇩🇪 #GERMEX #FifaWorldCup2018 pic.twitter.com/pUyu1ppIe2

— Saul Padilla (@edgeofthemap) June 17, 2018

Joachim Low rocking that Merkel look #GERMEX #WorldCup2018 pic.twitter.com/7VT8rv3pIz

— Oliver Callan (@olivercallan) June 17, 2018

“This isn’t Real Madrid, you aren’t getting any easy calls.. now back up Toni” #GERMEX pic.twitter.com/peV0mSxbxr

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) June 17, 2018


The only wall that Mexico is paying for #GERMEX pic.twitter.com/hGWNrQi35W

— Fresh Prince (@iamwytunes) June 17, 2018

Always use subtitles on Telemundo. #GERMEX pic.twitter.com/TNLb0iBRmD

— Julia Kite (@juliakite) June 17, 2018

Ozil trying to defend gets sent for a bratwurst #GERMEX pic.twitter.com/5YrMg1pQtI

— föxintheböx2001 (@foxinthebox2010) June 17, 2018

"So Donald, about that wall…" #GerMex pic.twitter.com/M1U9r13fFa

— Webjoose (@EojSewob) June 17, 2018

The Mexican wall is finally here! #MAGA #GERMEX pic.twitter.com/luzkKdBPeu

— Hora Deal (@hora_deal) June 17, 2018

Mexican coach explaining tactics during the half-time #GERMEX pic.twitter.com/4KW6l7jObc

— Mazwi Brian Munemo (@MazwiMunemo) June 17, 2018


When you need help to stop the Mexicans but can’t ask for it …..@angry_rantman #mexicovsgermany #GERMEX pic.twitter.com/e9TMq9b5lG

— Soumya Dasgupta (@themanutdmaniac) June 17, 2018

This isn't the first time in history the Germans got over confident in Russia #GERMEX #WorldCup

— Gareth Bale (@GarethBale22) June 17, 2018

Notable that the Mexican supporters do NOT do the Mexican wave. Rest of the world take note.#GERMEX

— Danny Baker (@prodnose) June 17, 2018

It’s… working#GERMEX pic.twitter.com/c7a8Y7Rv86

— Achmed Akkabi (@AchmedAkkabi) June 17, 2018

75 years later, Germans still cannot win in Moscow 😃 #GERMEX

— AlSaidy (@alsa3idy) June 17, 2018


— Greg Larsen (@greg_larsen) June 17, 2018

Current status #GERMEX pic.twitter.com/qhtPq8VFhS

— Laura Martínez ®️ (@miblogestublog) June 17, 2018


They'll be partying at the Mexican consulate this evening.#GERMEX pic.twitter.com/sduoWYV4Eu

— New Town Flâneur (@NewTownFlaneur) June 17, 2018

“Well them Mexicans were bloody brilliant weren’t they?” #GERMEX #mikebassett pic.twitter.com/JJJxNxDhUR

— Steven Carter (@StevenCarter89) June 17, 2018

‘Arsenal, is that you?’ #GERMEX pic.twitter.com/MKmHbTRgPn

— Raz (@raztweets) June 17, 2018

Feel for these German sisters #GERMEX #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/7lUHu8FVL6

— Tommo (@LUFC1992) June 17, 2018

Mexico won and Germany paid for it.#GERMEX

— Ivan the K™ (@IvanTheK) June 17, 2018

Saw #GERMEX trending and got my hopes up that it was the apocalyptic release of a biological super-weapon.

— Sweet Meteor O'Death (@smod4real) June 17, 2018

Poor old Germany. I wish there was a word for laughing at someone else’s misfortune. #GERMEX

— Ian Hyland (@HylandIan) June 17, 2018

Deafeated German Wehrmacht after the Battle of Moscow (1941, colorized) #GERMEX pic.twitter.com/KoDyaN7yrC

— Бандеревец!? (@BesumniV) June 17, 2018


Fuck it might as well resign now #GERMEX

— Angela Merkel (@Queen_Europe) June 17, 2018

Mood. #GERMEX pic.twitter.com/5hlNEVxxsr

— Bayern & Die Mannschaft (@eMiaSanMia) June 17, 2018

"kids, in the summer of 2018, I kept a clean sheet against Germany in the World Cup, and it was legen – wait for it – DARY"#GERMEX pic.twitter.com/m8w7gNXyJ1

— NBC Sports Soccer (@NBCSportsSoccer) June 17, 2018

If you missed the Germany vs. Mexico game, then here's a quick recap. #WorldCup #GERMEX pic.twitter.com/bqhugS33ea

— Michael Gravesande (@OldBlackHack) June 17, 2018