The best jokes from South Korea 1-2 Mexico as Vela and Hernández continue good start in Russia

Two wins in two games for the Mexicans.

Mexicans can laugh at the jokes from South Korea 1-2 Mexico now they look set to qualify from their group at the World Cup in Russia
He’s just seen a great pass (Image: Max Pixel)

Mexico cemented their position at the top of World Cup Group F with a convincing win over South Korea at the Rostov Arena on Saturday.

The Mexicans now have maximum points from their first two games in Russia and look set to qualify for the last-16.

A stunning late strike from Son Heung-min provided little more than consolation for the South Koreans who went two down following goals from Carlos Vela and Javier Hernández, leaving them bottom of the group with no points.

These were the best of the jokes from South Korea 1-2 Mexico:

Petition to get this guy to call every sporting event from now on #KORMEX #FIFA pic.twitter.com/Mta13MGEJ4

— Daniel Murray (@DMurr53) June 23, 2018

"I like Wang"

Iain Dowie commentating on the South Korea vs Mexico game.

Laughing my head off.

34 year old man me.#KORMEX

— Ned J (@nedj84) June 23, 2018


TFW you go to the movies and sat next to someone in full cosplay #KORMEX pic.twitter.com/1A5lYuoTUp

— ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (@Benris84) June 23, 2018

We’ve started building the wall. #KorMex pic.twitter.com/gojfvKIcPu

— Danny Ramirez (@dannyramirez) June 23, 2018

Mexican player: *inhales*
Korean player: pic.twitter.com/KDaJfTheEX

— (。♡‿♡。) (@junyiung) June 23, 2018

Korea's turning the World Cup into King of Fighters. Tae kwon do vs Lucha Libre. #KORMEX

— Clint Dempsey, POTUS (@PrezClintDeuce) June 23, 2018

Hearing that Mexico brought 2 tonnes of food with them to Russia is so hilarious, I'd probably do the same. #KORMEX

— Aribah ✗‘0 (@KingxotheFall) June 23, 2018

Me: I'm not watching the rest of this trash ass game
Also me: Continues to watch but with arms angrily folded#KORMEX

— thrace ︽✵︽ (@thrace) June 23, 2018




They are making more realistic foosball tables these days. #KORMEX #FifaWorldCup2018 pic.twitter.com/lVYuc6D3th

— Stephen McManus (@zynks) June 23, 2018


Chicharito lives #KORMEX

— Futhead (@Futhead) June 23, 2018

He really got it in the neck #KORMEX pic.twitter.com/GhDz3YG0OP

— M • (@latina_BTS) June 23, 2018


I’d like to thank that random woman for blessing the Mexican team once more. #KORMEX

— perla (@PerlaGChavira) June 23, 2018


— Kim Jong Un (@KimJongUnh) June 23, 2018

Son should be let off military duty for that goal alone #KORMEX #WorldCup

— Cameron Jessamine (@CameronJezza) June 23, 2018

Everyone : mexico is gonna win

Mexico: *wins*#KORMEX #mexicovscorea #mexicovssouthkorea #Mexico pic.twitter.com/bdW5cOL4Tc

— j ♡ (@taechingaste) June 23, 2018

Mexican team celebrating their win from the hospital after playing with korea like.. #KORMEX pic.twitter.com/qzUbieWKJd

— leo Deor (@leodeor) June 23, 2018

I do the same thing when I clock off my shift.. #KORMEX #FIFAWorldCup pic.twitter.com/ajyvCA8783

— Sam Rose (@srrrose17) June 23, 2018

You're a cop if you don't like slow motion hugs between grown men who are certified good boys #KORMEX pic.twitter.com/nUpXhxYPvR

— Mikala Paula (@mikalapaula) June 23, 2018

It's weird that the World Cup is playing this music after every match, but it sort of works? #KORMEX #WorldCup2018 #VamosMéxico pic.twitter.com/4LOCdfz3v4

— James Coker (@JamesWCoker) June 23, 2018