The best jokes from France 2-1 Australia as VAR comes to the fore at the World Cup

Goal-line technology also required.

The French can celebrate with the best jokes from France 2-1 Australia as VAR helps them get a result at Russia 2018
CELEBRATING: The French (Image: Marco Verch)

France beat Australia 2-1 in the opening match of Group C at the World Cup on Saturday and they had VAR to thank after a controversial penalty decision.

Antoine Griezmann stepped up to convert the spot kick but a later Samuel Umtiti bizarre handball allowed Mile Jedinak to equalise with his own penalty.

Goal-line technology was then called upon to confirm that Paul Pogba’s winner crossed the line after his deflected shot hit the underside of the bar.

Here are the best of the tweets and jokes from France 2-1 Australia at Russia 2018:

Antoine Griezmann just debating whether to have a pre-match dump or not.

Decision video is expected on his social media any time now. #FRAAUS

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) June 16, 2018


You know the Aussies are playing when this pops up in the stadium #FRAAUS pic.twitter.com/timeUFU6di

— Lawrie (@LawrieOz) June 16, 2018

Pundits saying that France front three could be the most exciting trio we've ever seen in sport.

Try again. #FRAAUS pic.twitter.com/PT12IDrBpb

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) June 16, 2018



Haven’t seen this many French go down since The Battle of Trafalgar. #Worldcup2018Russia #FRAAUS

— Nick Flesher (@Flesher22) June 16, 2018

Australia dealing with France like… #FRAAUS pic.twitter.com/iR5YT8KT5V

— Football Daily (@footballdaily) June 16, 2018

Phil Neville trying to resist the temptation to turn to Alex Scott and say, “That’s enough love, eh? I’ll do the analysis around here.” #BBC #FRAAUS

— Micky Campbell (@MickyCampbell72) June 16, 2018

Every time Australia go near a French player #FRAAUS pic.twitter.com/bSzqmvBV79

— Jake (@vlavzy) June 16, 2018

The French are determined not to let this game of football get in the way of their rolling around #bbcfootball #FRAAUS

— Chris Solman (@chris_solman) June 16, 2018

Not even the worst video incident involving Antoine Griezmann this week.

— Jonny Sharples (@JonnyGabriel) June 16, 2018


I thought VAR was suppose to remove stupid decisions? #FRAAUS

— David Ironmonger (@DavidIrons144) June 16, 2018


And YOU get a penalty, YOU get a penalty… ⚽#FRAAUS pic.twitter.com/FbG0FITxVA

— EuroGuy (@EuroGuyXX) June 16, 2018


— Sportsbet.com.au (@sportsbetcomau) June 16, 2018



Jedi is my lord and my religion #FRAAUS pic.twitter.com/dM7Ez3YZpx

— A-League Memes (@TheRealALM) June 16, 2018


Cometh the hour cometh the beard #FRAAUS

— roz (@rpm994) June 16, 2018


Reasons to support Australia…

I'm going there on holiday in August.

We have Aussie friends.

Russell Crowe was good in gladiator.

Summer Heights High is funny.

France is full of French people.

— Not Papa Waigo (@KelvinsKicking) June 16, 2018



‘Don't tell me. The offside rule is when the French mustard has to be between the teriyaki sauce and the sea salt.’

I learnt pretty much all my soccer knowledge from Bend It Like Beckham. #FRAAUS #Worldcup pic.twitter.com/AMkbEEoJtZ

— Kate Pattison (@katepatto) June 16, 2018

Sending out the bat signal for a hero #FRAAUS pic.twitter.com/pk7OF2R9L1

— Ben Mallis (@BenMallis) June 16, 2018

France just came here to test if all the world cup tech is working #FRAAUS

— Oladapo (@tf_richard) June 16, 2018

Never thought I’d see the day a team of professional French players struggle against an Australian side made up of dentists, electricians and accountants #FRAAUS

— bafana (@shanghai805) June 16, 2018


How is Hernandez still on the field, the bloke has been concussed 14 times already. #FRAAUS

— Sportsbet.com.au (@sportsbetcomau) June 16, 2018

What has the Australian soccer team and the Green peace ship The rainbow warrior got in common.
They were both taken out by French divers #FRAAUS #soccerroos #soccerworldcup #ALeague #Worldcup2018Russia #AUSVFRA

— Twisted (@Subaruconcept) June 16, 2018

Finally, an African side scratched a win. #FRAAUS

— Em (@_GoonerPrincess) June 16, 2018

Fucking regret saving them in WWII. #WorldCup #FRAAUS

— Tiernan Walker (essential services) (@TiernanWalker) June 16, 2018

Man. Of. The. People. #FRAAUS #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/1RGPerdVEW

— Sportsbet.com.au (@sportsbetcomau) June 16, 2018


Man of the Match; VAR – you lot voted for it! So it's today's MOTM! #FRAAUS #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/MGxFCPkM5a

— But This Means More ™ (@MrStephenHowson) June 16, 2018