The best jokes from England 1-2 United States, Women’s World Cup semi-final

Lionesses bow out.

The players won't want to see the funny tweets and jokes from England 1-2 USA, Women's World Cup semi-final
(Image: BBC iPlayer)

England were beaten 1-2 by United States in a dramatic Women’s World Cup semi-final in Lyon on Tuesday night.

Phil Neville’s side failed to take their opportunities at the Olympic Stadium with Steph Houghton missing a penalty before an Ellen White equaliser was ruled out for offside by VAR.


Defender Millie Bright then received a second yellow card as the game headed towards added time.

As the Lionesses are knocked out of the tournament, relive the full ninety minutes with the best tweets and jokes from England 1-2 USA:

Just a reminder that the first week of July never bodes well for the British when it comes to taking on the USA #ENGUSA pic.twitter.com/LKd9kYg5kk

— Matt (@DaBearSays) July 2, 2019

if the USA beats England today i will pour some tea into the boston harbor as soon as i get home tonight. #ENGUSA

— abdul (@Advil) July 2, 2019

I cant remember the last time I saw a TV show this long starring so many women in their 30s #ENGUSA

— caroline (@hatwell) July 2, 2019


"How can I hate women, my mums one"#ENGUSA pic.twitter.com/yGoXs5Mp98

— Steve (@Tavernsts) July 2, 2019


We haven't seen the British defense look this unprepared since the Battle of Trenton! #ENGUSA

— Jim Geraghty (@jimgeraghty) July 2, 2019

Boston Tea Party (1773, colorized) #ENGUSA pic.twitter.com/zqr17ass8H

— Austin Brown (@austin_mcbrown) July 2, 2019


Alex Morgan celebrating by sipping a cup of English tea. In response, England will celebrate their next goal by failing to pick out other countries on a map and then shagging an apple pie #ENGUSA #lionesses pic.twitter.com/poxNjK4jY6

— Ben Hyde (@henbyde) July 2, 2019


That would have been a stunning own goal. Another scream. #ENGUSA

— Funky (@FunkyDisciple) July 2, 2019

Shocking defending. #ENGUSA pic.twitter.com/WJky99vhrP

— Joe Scaramanga (@ScaramangaJoe) July 2, 2019

#engusa #FIFAWWC
'In an attempt to take the lead, the Lionesses make an early sub…' pic.twitter.com/leLFCdUsCS

— ezio auditorium (@darkredbean) July 2, 2019

PUT THIS IN THE LOUVRE #ENGUSA #FIFAWWC pic.twitter.com/9f5Ok45l2e

— San Juana (@sanjuanacparamo) July 2, 2019

Be nice if Jonathan Pearce occasionally shouted 'AND HERE COMES SIR KILLALOT' just to mix it up a bit. #ENGUSA

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) July 2, 2019




The Americans can fuck off turning the Viking clap into U.S.A.
You've ruined the English language, you can leave Iceland alone! #ENGUSA #WorldCup2019 pic.twitter.com/AvddIjCcbg

— Samantha Stonebanks (@samstonebanks) July 2, 2019

The USA there mocking English culture by pretending to pull on a joint at a house party. #ENGUSA pic.twitter.com/cFEOVlFmev

— Sam Whyte (@SamWhyte) July 2, 2019

No wonder the Americans are hamming up every 'injury' during this game… This is the only chance they have in getting free medical attention. #ENGUSA

— George (@GeorgeMiles6) July 2, 2019

why is the referee still a man at womens football? pic.twitter.com/pVbzMSERhv

— Lara Gorgo (@madretsma1) July 2, 2019

Chewing gum? My PE teacher would have had a fit. #ENGUSA

— Beth Wilson (@BethWi1son) July 2, 2019


Maybe the waistcoat doesn't work in semi-finals? #ENGUSA https://t.co/rNlxfFdS3K pic.twitter.com/mTDgm6v8D6

— Mirror Football (@MirrorFootball) July 2, 2019


Ha, owl eyes. You mock our tea, we mock how you fucking love owls. #ENGUSA pic.twitter.com/iXMmi5cwz0

— James Felton (@JimMFelton) July 2, 2019



Near, VAR, wherever you are…. #ENGUSA pic.twitter.com/MBa8vl07ai

— lexi (@lexi_loodles) July 2, 2019

What an incredible few moments. England have an equaliser ruled out on VAR and then Amy says that she loves Curtis. #ENGUSA

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) July 2, 2019

Just to clarify, I fucking hate VAR when it inconveniences the team I support. #ENGUSA

— Michael Lee (@MikeLee_1994) July 2, 2019



Not today Satan #ENGUSA #USAvENG pic.twitter.com/P5vsjUsKnq

— You picked the wrong one (@nell20_45) July 2, 2019


Penalty miss proves that the Lionesses will do anything to avoid having to meet Boris Johnson. #ENGUSA

— Nicholas Guyatt (@NicholasGuyatt) July 2, 2019

The banter for the England vs. USA match is top notch #ENGUSA pic.twitter.com/SUWHJt9ZRP

— Andre Silva (@Andrefpvs) July 2, 2019





— Austin Pendergist (@apthirteen) July 2, 2019


England get a goal disallowed: "Well, this can't get any worse"

England miss a penalty: "Well, this really can't get any worse now"

England get a red card: [puts television in bin]#ENGUSA

— innocent drinks (@innocent) July 2, 2019

The two greatest generals to commandeer the defeat of the British #ENGUSA pic.twitter.com/y3xCRibEoB

— Austin Brown (@austin_mcbrown) July 2, 2019

Alright do we even ~need~ a men’s team? Let’s discuss #ENGUSA pic.twitter.com/jtLYbKRl3f

— Salma (@salmaaa98) July 2, 2019

We have no idea why, but this photo makes us so sad. #ENGUSA #Lionesses pic.twitter.com/8dwJeV2dFL

— Match of the Day (@BBCMOTD) July 2, 2019

THIS IS YOUR MOMENT @HillaryClinton ! pic.twitter.com/jxFipmisrN

— # (@AsNaturalAsRain) July 2, 2019