Alex Morgan drinks tea as goal celebration in England vs United States, Women's World Cup semi-final
(Image: Twitter/Kelley)

VIDEO: Alex Morgan does tea drinking celebration after scoring for United States against England

Nets winning goal in Women's World Cup semi-final two days before Independence Day.



USA’s Alex Morgan pretended to drink tea after her goal against the English in a Women’s World Cup semi-final on Tuesday night.

The forward put her side back in front shortly after half an hour, scoring what turned out to be the winner in a hotly-contested clash.

POUR IT IN THE HARBOR #ENGUSA pic.twitter.com/fMVzpCmaf3

— osama bin thottin (@childishfoodino) July 2, 2019

The game was taking place two days before America’s Independence Day, on the anniversary of when independence from Britain was originally planned to be.

Noting the date, Morgan whipped out the celebration as she made the most of her time in the limelight.

The disrespect in the celebration, using our own tea drinking against us. Love it ☕️ #ENGUSA pic.twitter.com/UDG9Ej0Z1N

— George (@G3Lawrence) July 2, 2019

The celebrity Orlando Pride player, on her 30th birthday, politely sipped from a make-believe cup with her little finger raised.

The United States women’s team progress to the final of the competition in France with a 2-1 win, while England face a third place play-off.