The best jokes as England Women beat Cameroon in controversial World Cup round of 16 match

Big VAR decisions cause protests in 3-0 win.

The ref can relax with the funny tweets and jokes as England beat Cameroon in a Women's World Cup round of 16 match decided by VAR
(Image: YouTube/BBC Sport)

England beat Cameroon 3-0 after two VAR decisions went their way in a Women’s World Cup round of 16 tie between the pair on Sunday.

The Cameroon players were incensed when Ellen White’s goal for England was given while theirs, from Ajara Nchout, was disallowed.

When you only have 15 seconds on Instagram stories to try and sum up the most ridiculous game of football you’ve ever seen…#ENGCMR #ENG #LIONESSES pic.twitter.com/Pwqt2jXd1o

— Ben Haines (@benhainess) June 23, 2019

The officials faced considerable discontent from Alain Djeumfa’s squad following the calls and throughout the match at a near-capacity Stade du Hainaut in Valenciennes.

But it’s England who will progress to the quarter-finals of the competition and these were the best tweets and jokes as they beat Cameroon 3-0:

*please don't be offside*
*please don't be offside*
*please don't be offside*
*please don't be offside*
*please don't be offside* *please don't be offside*
*please don't be offside* pic.twitter.com/by42xHfSb2

— GeorgeWeahsCousin (@WeahsCousin) June 23, 2019


Between Arsenal Fan TV and Cameroon, Robbie hasn't had a good 12 months #ENGCMR pic.twitter.com/q0zCJgpmOG

— Gene McGurk (@magawk) June 23, 2019


The referee in about 10 minutes #ENGCMR #FIFAWWC pic.twitter.com/0D4NzkPr46

— Matt Davies (Mavis) (@mattmartyr) June 23, 2019



VAR officials after they found the Cameroon manager and players called it racist pic.twitter.com/MgyRKbL2XZ

— Will (@will_oufc) June 23, 2019

Just when I think I’m beginning to understand football this happens and I’m lost again #ENGCMR pic.twitter.com/dEVCvlo5nq

— Rachel Cole-Galley (@rachcoley) June 23, 2019


Disgraceful scenes by the Cameroon ladies….they are behaving like spoilt blokes. #ENGCMR

— Albert-Fatcock (@AlbertFatcock) June 23, 2019

this #ENGCMR game is dumb the laws are dumb offside is dumb pic.twitter.com/bf3Z3hs1qA

— Steph Yang, Horrible Soccer Goose (@thrace) June 23, 2019

Is it bring your kids to work day? #ENGCMR pic.twitter.com/7XMudEegCi

— Christian Murray (@christian191072) June 23, 2019



Wait we’re not allowed to elbow them in the face??? #ENGCMR pic.twitter.com/U4pvsV4Kzz

— Fitz (@fitzj420) June 23, 2019

We're one goal away from Cameroon rage quitting.

— Sam McGuire (@SamMcGuire90) June 23, 2019

VAR check…. #ENGCAM pic.twitter.com/uBa0oWdR1A

— Tom (@TomParkes_) June 23, 2019

The Cameroon number five reacts to not being allowed an ice cream #FIFAWomensWorldCup19 #Lionesses pic.twitter.com/4BechSJsrR

— Ian Woodward (@ElmoWoodward) June 23, 2019


Cameroon right now. #CMR #FIFAWWC pic.twitter.com/jv2zjyYMj7

— FootballJOE (@FootballJOE) June 23, 2019


Bit rich from Jonathan Pearce to be having a go at the Cameroon players not understanding VAR.

— Ben Steele (@BenSte3le) June 23, 2019

The Cameroon players are now accusing FIFA of racism…

Someone wheel a fucking TV into that changing room

— Elliot Hackney (@ElliotHackney) June 23, 2019

Theresa May has a new job already I see! #ENGCAM #ENGCMR #england #WWC2019 pic.twitter.com/b3S9HbLFoA

— Barry Swain (@Barry_Swain) June 23, 2019

Deon dublin sums up the cameroonian accusations #ENGCMR #dublin pic.twitter.com/A6CrXq0sHU

— Andrew Cooper (@MiniCXT1) June 23, 2019


Anyone got a link for Cameroon Fan TV? #fifawwc

— Jack Dowden (@Jackdoggydogg) June 23, 2019