The best jokes after dodgy penalty decision in Northern Ireland’s defeat to Swiss

Decided World Cup qualification play-off first leg.

The referee and his team won't want to hear the jokes after their dodgy penalty decision in Northern Ireland's 0-1 defeat to Switzerland
The assistant referee was no help

Northern Ireland’s attempt to reach the World Cup next year hit a stumbling block when the referee in the the first leg of their qualification play-off against Switzerland awarded a controversial second-half penalty to the visitors.

Corry Evans was deemed to have handled inside the area, despite the player appearing to have turned his back on the ball at a lively Windsor Park on Thursday night.

Defender Ricardo Rodríguez scored the spot-kick, the Swiss went on to win 0-1 and take a valuable away goal into the next game.

Furious fans made their feelings known on Twitter and these are the best of the jokes after the dodgy penalty decision in Northern Ireland’s World Cup play-off defeat to Switzerland:

Everyone in Northern Ireland right now…#NIRSUI #GAWA pic.twitter.com/KIcyYGg2L9

— BenchWarmers (@BeWarmers) November 9, 2017

#GAWA Referee has been trying to do Northern Ireland from the off. Refereeing like he has a lifetime supply of Toblerone coming his way

— Stewart Weir* (@sweirz) November 9, 2017

Northern Ireland fans believe the referee might be a solo artiste in the bedroom. The singing seems to suggest that. #GAWA

— Frank Mitchell (@frank_broadcast) November 9, 2017

"Hello, I'd like to speak to the ref of the #NIRSUI match, so I would…" pic.twitter.com/24dvqP7htI

— Ray (@RayMcGrath) November 9, 2017

There's a horrible irony that we didn't get a neutral referee for the Switzerland game. #beyondfurious #gawa

— Davey Sloan (@DaveySloan) November 9, 2017

Ref spotted leaving Windsor Park with a Toblerone up his Swiss Roll. #NIRSUI #GAWA #daretoscream

— Patrick Kielty (@PatricKielty) November 9, 2017


— Christopher Hegarty (@C_Hegarty37) November 9, 2017

Referee should be ashamed of himself #NIRSUI

— Jeff Greer (@jeffgreer543) November 9, 2017

You could use 280 characters to describe the ref but 4 will do.

— KingKennyStand (@KingKennyStand) November 9, 2017

When the ref gives an awful penalty decision against you in a world cup play off. #GAWA pic.twitter.com/uwbacmmaMD

— Paul Burns (@PaulBurns1879) November 9, 2017

FIFA headquarters are in Switzerland, that’s all I’m saying #NIRSUI

— PJH LUFC (@pistol1603) November 9, 2017


— Jason Ashford (@jasonashford89) November 9, 2017


Just had a crisis meeting with @KeithGillespie7 @winkerwatson1 and Iain Dowie, and we’ve decided to boycott Toblerone. #GAWA pic.twitter.com/FtLP9CBhKN

— colin murray (@ColinMurray) November 9, 2017

Northern Ireland fans quickly updating Mr Hategan's Wikipedia. #NIRSUI #gawa pic.twitter.com/gNoKNN69kI

— Sam Street (@samstreetwrites) November 9, 2017


I think this picture of the referee taken after the game might help explain some of his decisions? #NIRSUI #gawa pic.twitter.com/0TC16VRifk

— Alec Adoo (@AlecAdoo1) November 10, 2017


It’s only football but if that referee isn’t lynched, hung, drawn & quartered by an angry mob then it’s an injustice.

One of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen#NIRSUI

— Redders (@JamesRedwood32) November 9, 2017