The best jokes after Arsenal’s 4-0 defeat at Liverpool

Another poor start to the Premier League campaign for Arsène Wenger.

There were jokes about the manager and players, including Alexis Sánchez, following Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal
(Image: Kieran Clarke)

After Arsenal’s humiliating 4-0 defeat in Liverpool, fans are once again berating the team and manager Arsène Wenger, who are perceived by many to have been underachieving for several seasons past – so we’ve collected the best jokes.

Another poor start to a Premier League campaign has seen the Wenger Out Brigade rise back to prominence as the club once again tumbles into turmoil.

With new signings unable to break into the starting line-up and supposed player unrest leading to exit rumours regarding some of the team’s key stars, all is not well at the club.

These were the best jokes after Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal:

RT if you're tired of trolling Arsenal but you still gotta do it for the culture

— Taofeek Oseni (@HEAD_MASTA) 27 August 2017

Arsenal fans what they think they are vs what they actually are. pic.twitter.com/CGhnDIwAzg

— SQUAD XTRA (@squadxtra) 27 August 2017

Ironic that the only person who actually wants to sign a contract at Arsenal is the manager.

— Asa Joseph (@asajoseph) 27 August 2017

"I've heard 3 or 4 of these Arsenal players want to leave…

Who wants to buy them?"

– Gary Neville. 😂😂

— Football Stuff (@FootbalIStuff) 27 August 2017

Arsenal thought all their problems were solved because they spent £53M on French speaking Darren Bent.

— Títílayọ (@t_chels19x) 27 August 2017

Visual representation of Arsenal on the attack today. pic.twitter.com/kNpIoBSZKP

— ً (@LosoLFC) 27 August 2017

Dont worry Arsenal fans, if you dont win the Europa League this season you might win it next season

— Hassan (@HassanHijazii) 27 August 2017

Wouldn't suprise me if Arsenal football club was a social experiment to see how long someone can support a club without killing themselves.

— Jakob (@HorsemanZiik) 27 August 2017

I am a:
⚪ Man
⚪ Woman
Arsenal fan

Looking for:
⚪ Men
⚪ Women
An enjoyable weekend.

— Phil Costa (@_PhilCosta) 27 August 2017

Your MCM is at carnival in his Arsenal top

— Khaleesi (@heyyitsnosh) 27 August 2017

RT = Wenger Out
Like = Wenger Out

— carl (@carl_mcgrath29) 27 August 2017

It's safe to say Arsenal came to Liverpool 4-Nothing

— DADDY THE FATHER (@SemilooreAkoni) 27 August 2017

Arsenal pic.twitter.com/5Atg0syfkk

— Footy Jokes (@Footy_Jokes) 27 August 2017

Arsenal fan tv season 8 episode 3 is looking class. No spoilers please.

— َ (@HazardEdition) 27 August 2017

Robbie from arsenal fan tv preparing for the shoot pic.twitter.com/HJLYQEZohP

— MORTY (@MDuldar1) 27 August 2017

When judgement day comes, these are the kind of people who will be spared. #LIVARS #Arsenal #WengerOut pic.twitter.com/OVpkTBOEdm

— Arun Vishwanathan (@arunv2808) 27 August 2017

When you're losing 4-0 but remember that you're leaving Arsenal this month #LIVARS pic.twitter.com/igDry6HWGZ

— James Twidell (@jamesbwfc22) 27 August 2017

Arsenal fans are mentally stronger than Arsenal players.

— TBE (@TheBrand1886) 27 August 2017

Wenger: father why me? pic.twitter.com/KqfGcc3WQu

— TANGI (@18opson) 27 August 2017

You can clearly tell all these Arsenal players stayed up to watch the boxing yesterday 😅

— ARMZ (@Armz1up_) 27 August 2017

The worst thing for Arsenal fans is that you could show a repeat of Arsenal Fan TV tonight and nobody would know the difference.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) 27 August 2017

Just spotted this lot heading for Anfield with #WengerOut banners in the hold. pic.twitter.com/p8ijJ6Ox83

— Ian Hyland (@HylandIan) August 27, 2017

Arsenal's defence are like fingering Katie Price's gash.

They let 4 in quite easily.

— ✌️ (@CySaunders24) 27 August 2017

Arsenal fans on Twitter: "It doesn't hurt anymore when we lose, we're used to it."

Arsenal fans in real life: pic.twitter.com/xQoo8Nhqwf

— Iman (@nana_alaouie) 27 August 2017

Wenger took mpabbe family for a croissant and a coffee to con the fans that we were ambitious again. Highlight of our season

— Chris Mular (@cmularrr) 27 August 2017

I call this haircut The Arsenal. Mess at the back, nothing on the sides, and a shambles up front. #WengerOut pic.twitter.com/74aSAJT0vW

— Mr. Singh (@Chindiazindabad) August 27, 2017

Piers Morgan to all the Arsenal fans. pic.twitter.com/jErs5WJiau

— Wicky (@Wicknes007) 27 August 2017

Arsenal players trying to escape from angry Arsenal fans. pic.twitter.com/7LMBKJf18x

— Valar Morghulis (@SemperFiUnited) 27 August 2017

If Arsenal doesn't panic buy Kim Källström before the transfer window closes, I'm going to be severely disappointed.

— Jimmy Conrad (@JimmyConrad) 27 August 2017

Can't help but think the Arsenal players got the wrong end of the stick when Wenger said "Let's aim for 4th"

— Deluded Brendan (@DeludedBrendan) 27 August 2017

Wenger play your wild card mate

— Harry Andrews (@HarryAAndrews) 27 August 2017

If Arsenal continue these dismal performances, @ArsenalFanTV will continue to grow. By 2025 they'll be a bigger club.

— Spencer FC (@SpencerOwen) 27 August 2017

Good to see @Arsenal closing in on top 4 again pic.twitter.com/pVeFS2HCJ0

— Bert Newton (@harriblom) 27 August 2017

Arsenal Fans be like pic.twitter.com/Xv1B5PyPNv

— Victor Moses (@MosesSpeed) 27 August 2017

I caught my dick in my flies once and that was more fun than watching Arsenal today. And I had more shots on target.

— Romesh Ranganathan (@RomeshRanga) 27 August 2017

I'd just like to take a moment to thank my family for not bringing me up an Arsenal fan.

— Tactical AC (@TacticalAC) 27 August 2017

How can any Arsenal fan still support Wenger as manager?
Smell the ****ing coffee, drink it, puke up & demand he goes. #afc

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) 27 August 2017

When you're born in 2014 as an Arsenal fan. pic.twitter.com/VgdfAsJQ5h

— Violent Gabriel (@GabrielKillYou) 27 August 2017

They Are All Players But Only One Plays For Arsenal.

Retweet If You Can Spot Lacassette.. pic.twitter.com/cQpDs6fncN

— Brighter Days… (@OneXMind) 27 August 2017

Wenger leaving anfield in disguise 👀 pic.twitter.com/ZsrbKhque9

— julie taylor (@cheekytaylor79) 27 August 2017

Sad news about Arsenal football club. https://t.co/Rsr5UT5FRT

— Andy Ha (@_AndyHa) 27 August 2017