The best jokes about the 4:15am Carabao Cup draw in China

Late night for fans in the UK and there wasn't even a stream.

This hiker could be wandering all the way to the Carabao Cup draw in China
Fans were forced to travel a long way for the draw

These were the best jokes from people waiting for the Carabao Cup draw in China for the third round of the competition, scheduled to take place at 4:15am on Thursday morning, British Summer Time.

The event took place in Beijing in an attempt in increase the English Football League’s exposure in Asia but a decision was made not to broadcast it live after numerous problems with the previous draws.

Frustrated English fans, those who chose to stay awake, took to Twitter while awaiting a slow drip-feed of news regarding the ties – so here are the best of the jokes about the Carabao Cup draw in China:

Just when you thought #CarabaoCup draws could not get any worse… pic.twitter.com/9W8Ap3EAUw

— Matt Storey (@StoreyMatt) August 21, 2017

Me watching #CarabaoCup draw… pic.twitter.com/n2FFsVUyrV

— Natalie Evans (@NatalieEvans85) August 24, 2017

Didn't want to get up at 4:15 for the draw anyway #NUFC #CarabaoCup

— Pete Hind (@toonpete85) August 23, 2017


— Harry Jobs (@JobsHarry) August 24, 2017

#CarabaoCup draw starting at 04:15 Gmt you say…. pic.twitter.com/DgG6YgF7C5

— Chris Reynolds (@ChrisReynolds75) August 24, 2017

#CarabaoCup Right that's it, never having a Chinese takeaway away again. Probably.

— Gaz (@NFFC2017) August 24, 2017

Meanwhile in Beijing this lad's getting final instructions on how to do the draw #CarabaoCup pic.twitter.com/m9sguYnHzX


Huge crowds gathering for the #CarabaoCup draw. pic.twitter.com/pL33nXr47n

— Tasker (@Mr_Tasker) August 23, 2017

#CarabaoCup draw operators…. pic.twitter.com/gkZg3TsYmj

— Crystal Palace ATL (@CPFC_ATL) August 24, 2017

As it's in China, they should have chicken balls and the people have to unwrap the batter to reveal which side is playing who #CarabaoCup

— Zak (@LoveCescMagic) August 24, 2017

Thousands of us Brits awake near to the point of exhaustion and we're left refreshing dodgy accounts for updates on this draw #CarabaoCup

— José (@MourinhoMindset) August 24, 2017

Petition to demand the draw for some Chinese cup is held in Ipswich in the middle of the night in China #CarabaoCup

— Football Burp ⚽ (@FootballBurp) August 23, 2017