The best Fabian Delph sees ghosts jokes as star shares spooky stories

Man City midfielder claims to have personally witnessed "about four".

That Fabian Delph sees ghosts is not necessarily Aston Villa related
FRIGHTENED: Fabian (Image: Qside)

These were the best Fabian Delph sees ghosts jokes as the Man City midfielder told his club’s official YouTube channel that he’s personally witnessed “about four”.

Delph had a few days ago stormed out of an interview with MCFC TV presenter Nicola McCarthy as an April Fool’s Day prank, feigning anger at a question about his return from injury.

McCarthy now has her interview, firing a selection of fans’ questions at Delph, and it contains within it quite the exclusive.

With the England international appearing to have been serious this time, here are the best Fabian Delph sees ghosts jokes:

Fabian Delph sees dead people. pic.twitter.com/VT0MFFzEPo

— Mr Hyde (@Mr_Hyde) April 6, 2016

Delph: "I see ghosts all the time. Genuinely. I think I've seen four." – bit harsh on Villa's back four mate. pic.twitter.com/OJJDHAyeC7

— BlueMoonRisingTV (@BMRisingTV) 5 April 2016

Fabian Delph claims "he sees ghosts all the time". Little does he know that what he's seeing is the careers of Man City's 2008/09 squad

— Brandon. (@ffsspurs) 5 April 2016

So Fabian Delph reckons he sees dead people? No wonder he left Aston Villa in a hurry. #AVFC

— Christopher Abbott (@ChrisJohnAbbott) April 6, 2016

Fabian Delph recently said "I see ghosts all the time. Genuinely. I think I’ve seen about 4"
I don't think he knows what all the time means

— Steven Jenkinson (@_sjenkinson_) April 6, 2016

Manchester City midfielder Fabian Delph has revealed that he regularly sees ghosts. pmsl he sees them every game in those empty blue seats

— David Wright (@RedDevil1952) April 6, 2016

Fabian Delph reckons he sees ghosts. He could be the only guy who sees the Etihad as more than half full

— Ste Davies (@StevenD1977) April 6, 2016

"I see ghosts All the time". Mancity's Delph on seeing Hazard recently.

— Soccerpaedia (@soccerpaedia) April 5, 2016

Fabian Delph: "I see ghosts all the time".

They look anything like this? pic.twitter.com/lpM67NSR0c

— TheFootballRepublic (@TheFootballRep) April 5, 2016

With Fabian Delph's revelation that he sees ghosts, maybe we finally have the answer as to what scared Big Mick!https://t.co/QNujIypxGn

— FootballFanCast.com (@FootballFanCast) April 6, 2016

#ManCity Spieler Fabian #Delph: "Ich sehe ständig Geister, ehrlich. Ich glaube ich habe ca. 4 gesehen" [Telegraph] pic.twitter.com/gVgc3k52we

— 90PLUS (@neunzig_plus) April 6, 2016

So, Fabian Delph often sees ghosts? Shame that he can't spot a pass as often!

— We Need Football (@WeNeedFootball1) 6 April 2016

Why's everyone mocking Fabian Delph for? GOATS ARE REAL!!

— Eddie Walsh (@EddWalsh) April 5, 2016