Fabian Delph says he sees ghosts, but it's not stopped him achieving international recognition
HAUNTED: Delph (Image: Vilnietis)

VIDEO: Fabian Delph says he sees ghosts

Drops bombshell on MCFC TV presenter just days after storming out of interview with her as April Fool's Day prank.

Watch the moment Fabian Delph says he sees ghosts while giving an informal interview to Man City TV presenter Nicola McCarthy.

The England midfielder has spent much of his debut season at City sidelined through injury, presumably granting him more time to lie frozen in bed while bearing witness to a spooky spectre.

Delph had recently played an April Fool’s Day prank on McCarthy, storming out of an interview feigning annoyance with a question about his expected return date:

But he appeared to be deadly serious when he reconvened with McCarthy days later to answer a selection of questions from fans.

Muhammad Daniel Zamzamy Laitakashy submitted the question: “I don’t know if you believe ghosts are real, but what would you do if you see a ghost?”

To which Delph replies:

I see ghosts all the time, genuinely. I think I’ve seen probably four. When I first signed for Villa, I stayed in a hotel – I’ve forgotten what it was called – and there was a lot of things moving in the room, a lot of bangs. It was back when I had hair, and the hair on the back of my neck was standing up.

And about four months ago at my house in God’s country [Yorkshire], I saw two ghosts in my bedroom. I haven’t got a clue [who they are]. I don’t think they’re there to harm me, but I’ve definitely seen them.

[One of the ghosts] was actually carrying a body. It went out onto my balcony and disappeared.

Watch the clip and it’s clear that when Fabian Delph says he sees ghosts, he’s not kidding. Feel free to add your own punchline about long-forgotten Man City reserves or Villa’s survival chances.

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