Chelsea announce Antonio Conte as next head coach – the best jokes

Current manager of the Italian national team will take over after Euro 2016.

Chelsea announce Antonio Conte as their next head coach and there were lots of jokes
DESIGNATO: Conte (Image: Nazionale Calcio)

These were all the best jokes after Chelsea announced that Antonio Conte will be their next head coach.

Excited fans and sniping rival supporters combined as the club released news that the current coach of the Italian national team will take over from interim manager Guus Hiddink after Euro 2016.

As another big name is added to the list of Premier League managers, these are the best jokes as Chelsea announce Antonio Conte will be their next head coach:

Pep to the left of me, Conte to the right, here I am. Stuck in the middle with Giggs.

— the MUFC bible (@theMUFCbible) April 4, 2016

Conte me in.

Srry, had to get that out of my system. I'll get my coat.

— Addy (@Addyylaide) April 4, 2016


— JDS (@ChelseaVenom) April 4, 2016

Guarantee Conte will win the league or CL before Wenger retires. @Arsenal https://t.co/i7mWCnMpnW

— C (@Classorla) April 4, 2016

If Conte doesn't give JT a new deal. Sack him.

— Uber Chelsea FC (@UberCheIseaFC) April 4, 2016

Antonio Conte. The Godfather.#CFC pic.twitter.com/BvJRTAe8FA

— ChelseaFansChannel (@ChelseaFansYT) April 4, 2016

As everyone is posting pictures of Conte….. pic.twitter.com/Z8srD9VQIY

— TerrenceTheCat (@TerrenceTheCat) April 4, 2016

Conte's @ChelseaFC will be more exciting than Mourinho's @ChelseaFC

— Taylor Twellman (@TaylorTwellman) April 4, 2016

Wouldn't it be great if the first gift Emenalo recieved from Conte was a horse's head?!

— FidiShadesOfBlue (@DeBeardo) April 4, 2016

"Guess we'll have to stick with Mixu a bit longer" says Dundee United chairman Thompson after Antonio Conte deal falls through

— Oldfirmfacts (@Oldfirmfacts1) April 4, 2016

This guy is Hair Transplant Goals… Antonio Conte everyone pic.twitter.com/HrYobg1aQv

— Hassan (@ClassofBergkamp) April 4, 2016

90 – Antonio Conte has already been Chelsea manager for more than 90 minutes and hasn't won a trophy. Expectations.

— OptaJoke (@OptaJoke) April 4, 2016

Next season we'll have a Hair Transplant Derby between Antonio Conte and Juergen Klopp.

— Pangeran (@pangeransiahaan) April 4, 2016

Antonio Conte announced as Chelsea's new boss after turning down the chance to become the next Bond villain. pic.twitter.com/MIdolSvck4

— 888sport (@888sport) April 4, 2016

"The cat is on the table" A.Conte

— benedetto ferrara (@bennyferrara) April 4, 2016

Anyone think Antonio Conte has a look of John Travolta in 'The People v OJ Simpson'?

No? Me neither… #SlowNewsDay pic.twitter.com/VjuR1b1O4X

— Oddschanger (@Oddschanger) April 4, 2016

After just two seasons Conte left the club, with Abramovich turning to Jose Mourinho for the third time. pic.twitter.com/VUE1FhG1jx

— Squawka Football (@Squawka) April 4, 2016

Conte on trial for not being a grass as opposed to fixing matches. A distinction most Chelsea would acknowledge as endearing.#forza

— J. Tweedie (@JoeTweedie) April 4, 2016

Official :
Conte becomes the next manager to be sacked.#CFC

— Ozilicious (@Goonerboy_49) April 4, 2016

#CFC's new manager will be the second permanent boss in a row to be a Conte.

— Not Brian Kettle (@briankettle) April 4, 2016

Now we know Conte's coming to Chelsea, I'm awaiting the @FA's announcement he's been fined and issued a stadium ban.#BenvenutoConte #cfc

— Dan Dormer (@dandormer) April 4, 2016

Conte made Destro leave for training at 5am after his wedding. "If it were down to me, he'd have been on his way after cutting the cake."

— Chelsea HQ (@Chelsea_HQ) April 4, 2016

Conte's match fixing trial:
Judge: "Why didn't you say anything?"
Conte: "Am no a grass"

— Zak. (Kunta Conte) (@legendofchelsea) April 4, 2016

The progression of Antonio Conte… pic.twitter.com/w2eYLSAlnU

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) April 4, 2016

Season 2016/2017 :

Manchester United : Mourinho
Manchester City : Guardiola
Chelsea : Conte

Arsene Wenger: pic.twitter.com/telqUSfJjY

— Wicky (@Wicknes007) April 4, 2016

"If I had to go to war, I would take Conte with me" [Arturo Vidal]

— 10th Mar 1905 (@10thMar1905) April 4, 2016

@PetrCech @Arsenal Conte is better than your club

— Uber Chelsea FC (@UberCheIseaFC) April 4, 2016

Chelsea should roll Conte's match fixing court case in with their own Eva Carneiro court case and get a discount plus a shorter wait.

— P.I.M.P. (@PoznanInMyPants) April 4, 2016

The Conte gone already jokes are hilarious no really

— 1shadeofblue (@1shadeoblue) April 5, 2016

Conte will be sacked in 3 years time but will win us 3 trophies in that time

— #AupaAtleti (@ThatSpiceJoe) April 4, 2016

@Thatsportsspice Have you seen #conte's doppelganger? pic.twitter.com/EquXG1JQoy

— Michael Grimmett (@MichaelGrimmett) April 4, 2016

Conte officially gets his new job on my first day at my new job! Let's see who last longer #CFC

— CFC Babble (@CFCbabble) April 5, 2016