Palmers FC player slips when taking throw-in in amateur game
(Image: Twitter/Palmers FC)

VIDEO: Sunday league player slips when taking throw-in

Landed on his back.


Studs or Moulds? In @ThatJordyShea's case, anything will do! #PalmersFC pic.twitter.com/S1FT5uIKUa

— Palmers FC (@PalmersFC) February 26, 2019

A Palmers player slipped over backwards as he ran up to a take a throw-in for the amateur side.

Palmers FC’s Jordan Shea fell flat on his back as he prepared to throw the ball back into play deep inside their opponent’s half.

The Sunday league team, very active on social media, published a clip of Shea sliding to the floor beside the assistant referee standing near the corner flag.

The official doesn’t respond to appeals from the players as the “Essex-based Spurs fan” collapses in a heap.