Sheets of paper are used to signal substitutions with the electronic board missing for a Copa Libertadores match at Atlético Mineiro
(Image: Twitter/Rafael Araújo)

VIDEO: Officials use sheets of paper to signal substitutions in absence of electronic board at Atlético Mineiro

Hand-drawn numbers help move Copa Libertadores match along.

O quarto árbitro nem mostrou a plaquinha de A4 de substituição. Apontou e mandou "É você". #trhorto pic.twitter.com/tlNxrh8Jsz

— Rafael Araújo (@faelluis) February 28, 2019

With the electronic subs board nowhere to be seen during a Copa Libertadores match at Atlético Mineiro on Wednesday night, the officials used sheets of paper instead.

Atlético Mineiro played out a goalless draw with Uruguayan Primera División side Defensor Sporting in a third round second leg clash at Independência in the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte.


But fourth official John Ospina from Colombia was forced to use A4-sized sheets of paper with hand-drawn numbers to show which players were involved in substitutions.

Conflicting reports suggest the electronic board either failed ahead kick-off or was simply forgotten.

No jogo do @Atletico, a Conmebol esqueceu a placa de substituição e improvisou no papel mesmo#DBeP #Libertadores2019 pic.twitter.com/Tl1QVkGXL5

— Blog De Bate e Pronto (@BlogDBeP) February 28, 2019

At one stage, the valiant Ospina was reportedly reduced to pointing at players who were to be replaced.

The home side go through to the next round of the South American competition after a 2-0 win on aggregate.

EU ACREDITO!!! CLUBE ATLÉTICO MINEIRO #ContinenteAtleticano pic.twitter.com/ltN5lh22iy

— Jheison Adriano (@AdrianoJheison) February 27, 2019

After the match, Atlético Mineiro coach Levir Culpi commented:

It was surreal, the moment I saw it in the game.

The board did not appear in the game.

I do not know what happened.