Sicilian player Ignazio Barbagallo marks his final game with a fake helicopter kidnapping
(Image: YouTube/stipsyking2003

VIDEO: Sicilian player stages helicopter kidnapping for final match

Stunt backfires as team are fined.


Ignazio Barbagallo marked his final game for Sicilian third-tier side Citta Di Viagrande by staging a fake helicopter kidnapping mid-game.

Soon after he joined the action as a substitute in the match against Nebrodi, a helicopter that had been parked nearby took off and headed for the pitch.

It then landed amidst a huge cloud of dust before some masked men emerged and dragged Barbagallo into the vehicle, which proceeded to fly away.

Barbagallo is clearly an established joker if some of his other YouTube videos are anything to go by – the S**t Bucket Challenge being a notable example.

However, the league didn’t see the funny side – they fined Viagrande €200 and banned the team from playing any fixtures until the end of May.

Their stated reason was as follows:

Causing the interruption of the game by pre-ordering and allowing the landing of a helicopter on the pitch, compromising the safety of those present.

Barbagalla himself has been suspended until next season for “leaving the pitch without the referee’s permission using an unauthorised helicopter”, although his retirement surely renders this academic.

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