Man pretends to ask Cristiano Ronaldo to pass two bottles of Coca Cola through his television
(Image: Twitter/Ashraf Garda)

VIDEO: Man pretends to receive two bottles of Coke from Cristiano Ronaldo through TV

Feigns asking the Portugal star to hand them over.


Psst Ronaldo pass on the Coke ( best creativity I’ve seen all week ) I would love to credit the content creator ? @ChampionSAfrica pic.twitter.com/uKjdgOsWvq

— Ashraf Garda (@AshrafGarda) June 18, 2021

A man pretended to receive two bottles of Coca Cola from Cristiano Ronaldo from out of his TV as the Portugal star spoke to the media.

Sitting at a press conference in the build-up to the Euro 2020 Group F game against Hungary, the Juventus forward picked up two bottles and passed them to the side.


One fan creatively turned this into video content by making out as if he was asking Ronaldo for them, before pulling two Cokes out from behind the television.

Ronaldo had apparently been clearing the soft drinks from view to encourage people to drink water instead, which some estimates say could have helped knock $4B off Coca Cola’s market value.