Sunderland fan gets a face full of beer at Wembley when his friend accidentally knocks it into him
(Image: Twitter/@andblackwood97)

VIDEO: Sunderland fan knocks beer into friend’s face at Checkatrade Trophy final

Comical accident en route to Wembley.



A Sunderland fan accidentally knocked a pint of beer into his friend’s face before Sunday’s Checkatrade Trophy final against Portsmouth.

Working their way through a crowd of fellow Black Cats supporters en route to Wembley, one man spots a television camera and tries to point it out to his mate.

The more I watch it the funnier it gets

— Andrew (@andblackwood97) April 1, 2019

His mate however has already spotted it and, although he’s obscured from view at this point, presumably he tries to gesticulate for the camera with drink in hand.

Alas the likely-overpriced beer goes crashing into his pal’s face, leaving him soaked.


To make matters worse, Jack Ross’s Sunderland side would later lose 5-4 on penalties following a 2-2 draw with Pompey.

They led 1-0 through Aiden McGeady’s first-half strike going into the final ten minutes before a flurry of late action took the match to spot kicks.