River Plate fan gets a tattoo of a QR code that shows goals the from their Copa Libertadores final win over Boca Juniors, when scanned
(Image: Twitter/Ariel Cristófalo)

VIDEO: River Plate fan gets tattoo of QR code that shows goals from Copa Libertadores final win

Technological reminder of historic clash.


Ah no pero están re locos pic.twitter.com/wIfJZ5LYu9

— Ariel Cristófalo (@acristofalo) April 11, 2019

A River Plate fan has gotten a tattoo of a QR code that, when scanned, shows the club’s goals from their Copa Libertadores final win against Boca Juniors in 2018.

The much anticipated two-legged clash in Argentina was marred by significant disorder that resulted in the second match being postponed.

River Plate were eventually victorious though, winning the tie 5-3 on aggregate after extra time.


And one delighted fan has waited until now to ensure a permanent reminder of the cup final victory over their closest rivals.

When activated by a mobile phone or similar device, the QR code the supporter has had tattooed onto his leg opens a YouTube video containing all of the team’s goals from the game.

However the clip has since been taken down following a series of reports regarding copyright infringement as part of an orchestrated social media campaign.