Hungary's Attila Fiola sends reporter's notes flying while celebrating Euro 2020 goal against France
(Image: Twitter/Abdou_Khila)

VIDEO: Pitch-side reporter surprised by celebrating Hungary players

Chaotic scenes after Fiola goal against France.


A pitch-side reporter unexpectedly found herself surrounded by celebrating Hungary players, with goal-scorer Attila Fiola sending her notes flying.

Fiola had just given the Hungarians a shock 1-0 lead against France in first half stoppage time of Saturday’s Euro 2020 Group F match in Budapest.


He then went charging over to the perimeter of the field, leaped over a barrier and wreaked havoc on the journalist’s setup, scattering her papers.

Despite this she appeared to retain her sense of humour, offering a coy celebratory gesture of her own in response.

A second-half equaliser from Antoine Griezmann saw the game end 1-1, with Hungary taking on Germany at the Allianz Arena on Wednesday night.