Mario Balotelli pays a bartender to drive his moped into the sea
(Image: Instagram/Mario Balotelli)

VIDEO: Mario Balotelli pays bartender to drive his moped into the sea

Went off the coast of Naples.



A man working in a bar in Naples is said to have been paid €2000 by Mario Balotelli to drive his scooter into the sea.

The former Marseille striker reportedly bet the bartender, who may have been the owner of the establishment, that he wouldn’t send the moped into the sea for the fee.


But, apparently calculating that “my moped was only worth €600 anyway”, he proceeded to drive it off the side of the dock at Mergellina, on the coast of the Italian city.

Wearing just his pants and some trainers, the bloke from the bar slowly edges towards the water before toppling into it.


A small crowd watched the event and videos of it were published on social media by both them and Balotelli on his Instagram page.

The moped owner also later spoke to reporters about the incident.